Korean Scandal Still Going Strong

Korean Scandal Still Going Strong

I think by now everyone has heard about the scandal exploding in the South Korean entertainment industry about sexual misallegation, how group of top star buddies (like ROY KIM, Oppa Seungri, and Jung Joon Young and insert gangnam policemen here) were filming girls/women with hidden camera without their consent. You know they could have gotten away with it if they told the police that they were trying to start an entertainment, heck you can film all the underage you want! Apparently Oppa Seungri was in the wrong country, if it was over here in America, he can film whatever he wants. Heck for all I know BTS could have this thing going and nobody would call them out since those craze fan girls would gladly joined in. My heart goes out for those girls that are caught up in this big mess (If I even have a heart my ex broke it to tiny pieces 😉 ). It’s really not fair that these friends make up fat excuses one after another, from “we were joking”, “nothing really happen” but they forgot the killer “it was locker room talk” like COME ON MAN that’s the ultimate getaway excuse! Learn from the people who did this and got away with it man, study up! Here I’ll give you the link to the person twitter

Click Here for to learn from the Best Getaway man

I want to blame Seungri but at the same time I don’t because like my dad is telling me the best thing that you could do is “live up to your name”. I don’t think anyone will be denying that Seungri went out of the KPop industry on a Big Bang.

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