BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)

BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)

Prepare yourself for an hour fill with covers. Seriously, they literally have like 9-10 unique songs including the most meme-mify one “Du Du Du” or “Forever Young”. I guess YG and Black Pink is trying to pull a BTS to be a popular KPop group here, and Coachella might just be the proper venue to do it. There’s hype for it, articles on NPR and other entertainment sites do list Blackpink as a must see performance cause it is historical. I am a bit skeptical cause recent Black Pink concerts have been flame, sometimes rightly so, by critics for playing remixes of their song, basically the same song with maybe slight change in beat. Imagine going to a Mike Posner concert just to here him sing “I Took a Bill in Ibiza” and then right after the SEEB Remix version and then he tries some Avicii songs that will leave you wondering, why if I wanted to listen to Avicii I would go to an Avicii concert instead except I guess this analogy falls apart because you CAN’T go to an Avicii concert cause he’s kind of dead…… I just hope Black Pink Coachella performance will not be bad cause they are paving the way for future girl groups to transistion to the states, and ahem American audience are usually not receptive to covers after covers and same songs after one and another. They will probably relatively low profile at Coachella even though their latest song “Kill this Love” which was BAD but the filmography was good, broke some Youtube records. I don’t like Blackpink, but I don’t want to see them flop either so let’s just hope they put up a good two performance during possibly the biggest music festival here in the US and one of the biggest in the world.

Kill This Love (new Song)

DUDUDU (most Popular Song)


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