BTS song with Halsey becomes #1 on Itunes Chart

BTS song with Halsey becomes #1 on Itunes Chart

I guess shout out for the ARMY for sticking by their favorite boy band BTS. Somehow I guess they made to the top of the itunes song with “Boy with Luv” (featuring Halsey) and album charts with Map of the Soul. I got to say, their American market might be actually bigger than back in Korea where TWICE holds the throne for KPop groups for now. I really like how they actually been collaborating with different pop artists here in the US, they should really try to collaborate with like black artists and drop some mixtapes, or at least BTS Rap Monsta should. Sadly, the ARMY front looks bleak on youtube, where the MV is only sitting at 45 million views after 12 hours of release. At least some of BTS songs are good, OMG Blackpink song Kill This Love was awful and somehow they lit up the views so hard, like 100+ million after a couple of hours.


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