"Boy with Luv" kills all at the charts

“Boy with Luv” kills all at the charts

BTS newest song “Boy With Luv” made another headline, it’s making too much headline 🙁 lol, but apparently it just got an “all kill”. Now for you who don’t know what Perfect All Kill is in Korea, it is basically like the Triple Crown for Horse Racing over here in America. Of course there’s no specific competition, there’s no Belmont Stakes but the criteria are as follows…

1) First Place on major real time charts (like Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver)
2) First Place on Flo Charts
3) First Place on iCharts (Itunes)

This is BTS second perfect all kill and the first artist(s) to achieve it in 2019. Poor Blink fans…..

Four hours and counting……

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