The Queens of TWICE finally makes their move

The Queens of TWICE finally makes their move

YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE THE MOST. SOMEHOW BEING POPULAR IN AMERICA MEANS YOU ARE THE MOST POPULAR KPOP BAND OUT THERE. People have forgotten the TRUE KWEENS (ahem I think that word connotate for something else so Queen) for Generation 3, that’s right I’m talking about motherfreaking TWICE you “ARMY” you “BLINK”. REVOLTING! Yeah that’s right, TWICE not only rule KPop, yeah we do other things too like play blues on the sax, or make VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLL. Get out of here with your dances and your hair styles, ew it’s a requirement for idol group to have all of those. It’s like you go to first grade and say “loook at meeeee, I have 36 Crayola Crayons, you only got 12” and I would say “yeah you only twelve you twit I make all the other colors with the 12 I have PLUS the money I save on 24 crayons I have color pencils with are INHERENTLY better”. Oh yeah that’s right, we got ALL YOUR STATISTIC, Kill This Love? HA! BOY WITH LUV? HA! Oh yeah don’t worry we got something realllll good going, yeah that’s right TWICE been saving their hand, they have let you other people play first, but it’s time you take this ROYAL FLUSH. Perfect ALL KILLS? NOTHING! COACHELLA PERFORMNACE? HA! GET READY FOR SOME REAL KPOP MUSIC YOU MOTERFUC******

Ahem ahem, so recently JYP just release a couple of teasers for TWICE upcoming new song expected to drop around 4/22/2019 6PM? If you uneducated WESTERNERS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KPOP, I mean it’s perfectly understandable if you guys don’t know TWICE from the KPop industry, they are probably one of the biggest K-group in Korea right now, it’s just they don’t focus the market in the US unlike ahem some other very very BAD, good good band like BTS (I respect for making at least some of the lyrics) and Blackpink. The teasers are down below, check them out :))))))))

I gotta say this song seems to be a bit darker than the cute ageyo concept that TWICE has built their career on (well up to now). Oh no there was talk of some sexy concepts, oh no no please no anything but that, that’s Gen 2 please let the ship just sink.

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