Producer 101 starts a new season

Producer 101 starts a new season

MNET’s Producer 101 is yet again set to start a new season, Proucer X 101 will be soon airing in an attempt to form a huge (usually KPop bands that come out of this program is >=9 members). It’s a popular reality TV/survival show that has the fans (through voting and elimination rounds. Call PRODUCERS) make a new KPop group from a pool of 101 trainees from different entertainment agency ranging from the big three to smaller ones. The fans not ONLY decides who gets to be on it (usually the hotter you are the more successful you tend to be, of course you can’t like be so bad) the fans decide the concept AND the debut song. The show is a great way to get exposure for small agency who sends their trainees. It’s been so successful in fact that there has been spin-offs title adopted by China (HAHAH A SUDDEN REVERSAL!) under the name of Idol Producer and Japan. This time around it will be hosted/MC by Lee Dong Wook (or should I say the Reaper from Goblin) our classic stoic face guy who will be replacing Lee Seung-gi who just hosted Producer 48 (awwww I like Lee Seung-gi WAHWAHWAH).

Usually the groups that come out of Producer 101 is like if I can make an analogy, TNT. You see a TNT blows up and it’s so cool (well you need to blow it up safetly) like who doesn’t like it when things blow up, that’s why we like chemistry right? Anyways yes, these groups are like TNT which mean they are awesome for like a short time before they disband and return to their respective agencies. You might know the K-group IOI (who disbanded after like a year) they were known (not super successful) or IZONE a group that was form from Produce 48 (a collaboration with Japan’s AKB48). The most successful group that has come from the show so far is Wanna One (from Season 2), a boy group that at their peak was number 2 on the Forbes Korea Power Ranking in 2018 (over TWICE wow, I must give claps for fangirls 😉 ). This time around Producer 101 is ready to take it to the next step, the grand winners will get a GRAND PRIZE in a 5 year contract (usually normal Kpop groups are 7+ years contract). Basically this means the new group will stay with each other and promote with one another for 5 years before being disbanded.

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