APINK celebrates 8 year anniversary with a song

APINK celebrates 8 year anniversary with a song

Well one of the most popular girl group in Gen2 KPop just released a new single to commerate their 8 years of working together. We are in Gen3 now so only the veterans (fans since way back in the day like 3-4 YEARS AGO) were actually hyped and not many PINK PANDAS came out to view the songs eh? It has a meager 577K views on youtube (which is NOT bad nonetheless but compare to ahem BTS and others….). I guess they had their ride, and now the group is mostly making music for the fun of it and not really contending for any awards. In this music video they certainly look like they are enjoying the moment and the fun of music than having awesome/weird dance choreography/fashion that characterize most of KPop music. I guess it’s not so bad after all 🙂 🙂


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