Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume...not so much

Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume…not so much

At least one band in from Asia is quickly gaining popularity again.

By now a lot of people who follow Coachella must know about Blackpink, the KPop idol group that perform 4/19 (AWWW NO 4/20!) and 4/12 with their first performance receiving comprehensive coverage from various entertainment newspapers in the US as a “historic moment”. Well Blackpink is at it again, making people BLINK everywhere, and the lastest BLINKERS are Ariana Grande (took some pics with the band), James Corden (who invited Blackpink to perform on his comedy show), Harry Styles (from the band many D formely known as 1D), Drake to some others. It remains to be seen if Blackpink will keep their popularity wave this time around like BTS or fade to the back of people’s mind (they were hip like 3 years ago too and just faded until now) or REPLACE BY TWICE WHO HAS RECENTLY ANNOUNCE THEIR OWN NORTH AMERICAN TOUR. I CHOOSE THE LATTER OF THE LATTER! They really benefitted from this music festival, good move by YG at least that will keep the entertainment industry up and running after it dropped out of the “Big Three” (Top 3 entertainment industry in Korea usually are JYP, YG, and SM) due to Seungri explosiveness!

One band that didn’t receive much coverage from the event was J-pop Perfume, a group of three who are all in their early 30s. You barely see them on the news at all even though they were ALSO the first in their respective caterogy, the first girl JPop band to perform at Coachella. Maybe they are not as flashy as Blackpink or as young as Blackpink who can easily connect with a young adult fan base.

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