Hong Kong Tourist Crisis

Hong Kong Tourist Crisis

More Tourist= Good= BAD??

Hong Kong is one of China more democratic cities, being a part of the UK until like late 1900s (I don’t know the exact date) and China welcome the city with open arms saying something like 2 system, 1 nation (China allows Hong Kong to be autonomous basically, but this little agreement is about to be expire and China has already have plans to let just say 1 system 1 government type things). Well the city is one of the hottest place to visit if you plan to travel to China and lots of tourist do take the chance to visit Hong Kong, like A LOT. The problem is Hong Kong have narrowish streets, MOST-ish asian countries do (I don’t speak for Korea and Japan or even India) because we all ride on fancy conservative Harley Davidson Bikes (the brands are literally Toyota. They make good motorcycles!). Those too poor to get a Harley Davidson Bike ride bicycles instead. Tourist though, ride on big tour buses that the streets can’t really accomodate. Since tourism rake in CASH, and CASH makes everyone look the other way, this issue has been repeteadly dismiss many times. Recently though, a couple of people (ok like one person) literally got ran over by a tourist bus reigniting the convo on limiting the amount of tourists that can come in the city per day.

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