Jung Joon Young owes his Agency some cash

Jung Joon Young owes his Agency some cash

Well with the Burning Sun scandal still going on, it is logical to assume that the key players have all been forced to retire from the entertainment industry of Korea. Another sad day for Jung Joon Young as it is revealed that he owes his agency MAKEUS around 300 million won, that’s what the chinese call a won-ton load of money HAHAHAA! He had sign an exclusive contract with the agency (to make music and such) and shortly after this scandal broke out, MAKEUS cancel him for like ever. To put things into perspective with the sum of money, that’s really not a lot of money like in Korea sure but in the US it’s literally like 300000 dollars. That’s what I call a tissue money for many rich people. But then again entertainment industry people in Korea do not earn that much to begin with unless you are like a huge star.

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