China Horticultural International Fair Starts

China Horticultural International Fair Starts

In a country fill with Air Pollution and literally a chemical fire disaster last year, you wouldn’t expect China to be leading in eco-friendly policies. But they are as data have shown that ever since the Paris Climate Agreement they have contributed the most to reducing carbon dioxide reduction in the environment (ok they were the most polluted) and NASA images have shown out of all green spaces to develop, most of it was in China during the period of 2005-2017. This international fair sees around 110 countries and many organizations in attendance for the event, the largest international so far that has occur in China. The theme of the event is “Live Green, Live Better”.

Maybe Americans should take a look at themselves, it’s a problem when CHINA the country known for oppressing minorities group, shunning their press is at the forefront of progressive change.


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