Park Yoo Chun admits what everybody knows

Park Yoo Chun admits what everybody knows

After 19 days of investigation and house arrest and then ACTUAL arrest, Park Yoochun finally cracked and admit to dabbling in meth, just a little bit. It is unclear whether his ex-fiancee (Hwang Ha Na) will be charged also.

I want to give him props for at least like having the guts to admit/confess before actually being charged because we all know how this was going down. The police have got enough evidence in recent days to arrest him and leak images such as this one below shows something is clearly up.

Scabs and bruises from POSSIBLY NEEDLE INJECTIONS? Also I want to know why he was wearing shorts anyways, like when I had scars on my body from ahem old traditional methods of Asian parenting, I had to wear a sweater and stuff to cover up! Like why doesn’t he put some sweat pants on, sure it might be hot outside but it would be hotter in jail where there’s probably no AC. At the very least though, he confessed, and if you put this case parallel to the other scandal lighting up South Korea, he’s miles better than most of the perpetrators in Burning Sun Scandal. Maybe it’s because he has less to lose than the others (he was coming back from his like sexual harassment scandal a while back or something but I think he was declare not guilty in that one) espcially Seungri who has his clean boy image to lose.

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