55th Baeksang Awards and Winners

55th Baeksang Awards and Winners

Well well well, an drama/film/ART award happened this time around, screw music awards! Anyways Baeksang is one of the more prestigous awards for films and dramas in Korea (but nowadays it has been reduce to a high school class election), and the night was attended by top stars in the acting industry. Park Bo Gum, Suzy, and Shin Dong Yup hosted the night affairs. The awards are split between two caterogies, one for television and one for film. Lee Byung Hun took home “Best Actor” in the television caterogy for his leading role in Mr. Sunshine (a drama basically about the resistance period in Korea under other nations (Japan) hawking eyes). Yum Jung Ah took home Best Actress for her role in SKY Castle, the drama that finally broke Reply 1988/Goblin cable ratings (it’s disputed….) but somehow it doesn’t have a cult following like Reply 1988 and Goblin. It’s like when Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth home run record, everybody hated his guts and barely anyone congratualate him (Reply made Hyeri a big star and Girl’s Day a relevant group and Goblin cement Lee Dong-wook fame).

In the film caterogy, we see a win for Lee Sung Min for his role in “The Spy gone North” which I guess is basically Korean version of The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco. Han Ji Min (OH SHE’S A MOVIE ACTRESS OH MY!) won Best Actress for her role in “Miss Baek”.

Fashion wise this year was very bland, there was basically no headline for flashy styles and upbeat colors, it was just all white gowns (for the females mostly) and black suits for the men.

Television categories:

Grand Prize: Kim Hye Ja (JTBC’s “Radiant”)
Best Drama: tvN’s “My Ahjussi”
Best Variety Show: MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”
Best Cultural Program: KBS’s “Journalism Talk Show J”
Best Director: Cho Hyun Tak (JTBC’s “Sky Castle”)
Best Script: Park Hae Young (“My Ahjussi”)
Art Award: Park Sung Jin (tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”)
Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun (tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine”)
Best Actress: Yum Jung Ah (“Sky Castle”)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Byung Chul (“Sky Castle”)
Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Eun (“Radiant”)
Best New Actor: Jang Ki Yong (MBC’s “Come and Hug Me”)
Best New Actress: Kim Hye Yoon (“Sky Castle”)
Best Male Variety Star: Jun Hyun Moo (MBC’s “I Live Alone”)
Best Female Variety Star: Lee Young Ja (“Omniscient Interfering View”)

Film categories:

Grand Prize: Jung Woo Sung (“Innocent Witness”)
Best Film: “The Spy Gone North”
Best Director: Kang Hyung Chul (“Swing Kids”)
Best New Director: Lee Ji Won (“Miss Baek”)
Art Award: Hong Kyung Pyo (“Burning”)
Best Script: Kwak Kyung Taek, Kim Tae Kyun (“Dark Figure of Crime”)
Best Actor: Lee Sung Min (“The Spy Gone North”)
Best Actress: Han Ji Min (“Miss Baek”)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Joo Hyuk (“Believer”)
Best Supporting Actress: Kwon So Hyun (“Miss Baek”)
Best New Actor: Kim Young Kwang (“On Your Wedding Day”)
Best New Actress: Lee Jae In (“SVAHA: The Sixth Finger”)

Additional awards:

Best Short Play: Sung Soo Yeon (“Actress-1: National Robot Actress 1”)
V Live Popularity Award (Male): EXO’s D.O.
V Live Popularity Award (Female): IU
Style Icon Award: Kim Hye Soo

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