EXID basically Final Run. Red Velvet Comeback. Blackpink wins the "Shorty Award" and More...

EXID basically Final Run. Red Velvet Comeback. Blackpink wins the “Shorty Award” and More…

Well LEGGO and ReVeLuv have something to look forward to this upcoming summer. EXID has tease what seem to be their FINAL ALBUM, Me & You, after news broke that EXID’s Hani and Jeonghwa will be leaving Banana Culture (EXID’s management company). Man not only ONE VISUAL member, but you going to take away BOTH? Also Hani is the most well known in the group anyways, but they can technically still make it work with LE (who’s been call one of the better rappers in KPop), Solji (who’s a good/decent vocalist) and Hyerin. Well I don’t know if they were ever so big, at least they become a trend (thanks to fan cam of Hani) so at least they were able to past the Nugu stage (basically KPop Purgatory where groups may be known but not QUITE known) with their song “Up and Down”. Of course, EXID is saying that after this album (and their Japan concert in August) they will be going on a hiatus as a group which basically mean codeword, probably won’t be back anytime soon if ever. I mean SNSD is on “hiatus”, Girl’s Day is on “hiatus”, even f(x) is on “hiatus” even though ALL of their members are still under ONE entertainment industry and can still make it work. I must give EXID credit, they did suffer for a while to make a name for themselves and as a result they are all supr close to each other at least.

EXID Greatest Hit (uhhhh very weird)…..

Check out their teaser…… Uh Solji don’t have a teaser yet…Update here we go)

Red Velvet is gearing up to what it seems like another magical summer (that was really clever some ReVeLuv give me credit man) as there is rumor of a comeback, but it is unclear if it’s a Japanese comeback or an actual comeback song or if it’s ACTUALLY THE GROUP FINALLY COMING BACK FROM NORTH KOREA (Conspiracy Theory: Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Yeri and Wendy are all holographic projection. The real self have been captured by North Korea a year ago WHY DIDN’T NORTH KOREA CAPTURE THEM. THEY ARE RED COME ON! 😉 MUST ELIMINATE!). GFriend, short for I think Girlfriend, a big assumption that there are sane boys who want to date you if you guys are all straight DABS is rearing up for a comeback as well. Man all big Gen 3 girl group are trying to come back now, all we missing is Mamamoo….. Ladies Code (a more nugu Gen 2 girl group) is trying for a comeback as well. They have a sad band story though (2 of their member kind of uh went to heaven in a bad way, their injuries were so major first responder couldn’t even identify them, because of a car crash in which the manager driver was idiotic to drive 80 MPH in rainy conditions=hydroplane and literally only got like 1 year in jail….), so I hope they suceed……. I guess I hope every group succeed actually, so they can be CRUSH BY TWICE WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Red Velvet Previous Comeback that was Floppy Disk

GFriend way back when…. uh many moons ago?

The boy group Winner promoting their new EP, “We” and Xiumin from EXO is heading off to the military. Oh EXO, nowadays it seems like the complete set of you guys can’t be assemble. BTS’s Jinmin once again donate $100 million won (around 85000) to Busan students in poverty (basically in US terms, a one year scholarship for one person at a University). Eric Nam recently released a cover for his new album “Runaway”, which is TRAITOROUS to Confucian Cultures. APink, the last of the Gen 2 species, is opening a little Reality TV thingymajigger where they document their past vacation together as a group and how they filmed “Everybody Ready” (their little anniversary music video released like 2 months ago?).

(Photo Credit: Naver for the APink photo, Xiumin Instagram for his photo)

In other news NCT 127 (a second subunit from the group NCT. A very weird boy group by SM where the members work under “one banner” but have different subgroups that will be based in different countries) is set to perform on the Late Night Show with James Corden. If you remember he has been the “first” to host a lot of KPop group, I mean he just finished hosting Blackpink where he claimed that he was now a BLINK (I guess he’s gonna be a NCTzens now too. You know what you should REALLY BECOME? An Once (waka waka waka grammared) ). He hosted BTS a while back (I’m not sure if he was the first) and CL (from 2NE1, she’s been struggling to actually make it big in America as an independent musician apart from her group). Maybe it’s a sign of KPop finally landing on the beaches of US, but then again making it as a group is different from surviving the “harsh” environment alone (as CL been sadly discovering) maybe also because ahem CL is not a male Kpop singer………..

One final piece of news, the Shorty Award (basically a social media kind of created show where they award people for the content online. I would say kind of like Korea’s Fact Music Awards, it’s more of a fan connectivity event than a official presitigious award) in Best Music I guess online goes to no other than… Blackpink……. They beat out Harry Styles (wow that guy still makes music huh), Janelle Monae, Post Malone and 2 others.

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