Police request arrest warrants for Bad-Man's Seungri and Rob-ing Yoo In Seok

Police request arrest warrants for Bad-Man’s Seungri and Rob-ing Yoo In Seok

Finally the TIME HAS COME FOR BAD MAN SEUNGRI AND ROBIN YOO IN SEOK to pay for their crimes, which probably will mean they won’t have to pay at all cause they are very very rich (well Seungri is from Big Bang Activities). At least the Police has the audacity to request arrest warrant for Seungri and his pal (which is hardly surprising, Yoo In Seok admitted to “escorting” girls a while back after being shown the receipts he cracked.Read Here. Finally many netcitizens did indeed say that this was a good thing, although they admit that these two people will PROBABLY NOT serve any prison sentence because who knows what strings they going to pull, they are powerful enough. Probably some probation and its all gucci, which is pretty messed up. Then again, when did the rich and powerful ever serve sentences for their crimes in any society? The sad truth of life is the only time when rich people pay their dues is in dramas, such as Gaksital above. I can’t believe there was that lyric line in there! Get the little pun? Between that image and this scandal? HUR HUR HUR HUR

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