Roy Kim gets a Georgetown Degree (in addition to his MAYBE "Get Out of Jail Free")

Roy Kim gets a Georgetown Degree (in addition to his MAYBE “Get Out of Jail Free”)

Let’s be honest the threee amigoes that started the whole Burning Sun Scandal, filming girls without their consent, doing DRUGS with Actress A (whose identity is still unknown but a couple (like big couple) netcitizens it’s the Hallyu Star that doesn’t have that much of a pristine image Han Hyo Joo) and gang raping people, will probably face substiantly less jail time or ARE THEY EVEN GOING TO JAIL AT ALL than the average human being on trial for those crimes listed above. Seungri still haven’t confessed and he still have FEMALE fans defending him (girl, these crimes are literally related to females come on….). Jung Joon Young at least is getting “detention” for now. The third member Roy Kim, not only has he not faced anything yet or ever, he is even allowed to graduate from Georgetown at the end of this semester. You know what Hoyas, you do you, I guess you would care if Roy Kim allegedly rape/sexual harassment an american, but I guess he didn’t sexually harass any americans, he just I don’t know perpetuated a perverted chat circle sharing images/videos of trainees, who already go through so much, doing probably explicit things and is currently under investigation for a big scandal that not only is implicating all of these people selling girls/filming them but also taking dabs (not the Weed variety) but you know what it is fine Hoyas, those girls weren’t AMERICAN and most importantly nor were they WHITE. He probably had a hand in one of the trainee who was gang rape at that Burning Sun Club (I don’t know if Roy Kim was directly involve or not) and wrote a letter before she killed herself, even if let just say for hypotheticals that Roy Kim is innocent, why don’t you Georgetown’s President John J. DeGioia wait until the investigation is complete to give Roy Kim his diploma.

You know what to you netcitizens out there that’s saying Roy Kim deserves to graduate, wait what the fuck is wrong with y’all. I DEARLY HOPE that you are NOT WOMEN, if you are, I would finally understand why we have President Trump. Even again let just say Roy Kim is innocent, then just wait until after everything is thoroughly investigated then I don’t think ANYONE would have a problem with him graduating. Here are top tier apologists netcitizens……

Person above, I swear you are the reason why Boy Bands are more popular than Girl Bands. OOOOH FUCK MEEE PLEASE HARRY STYLES, OOPPPPPPPPAAAAA SEUNGRI PLEASE FUCK ME HAVE MY KIDSSSSS.

Uh yes he has, if he was completely innocent, no investigators would investigate him! The fact he is UNDER INVESTIGATION means that there is PROBABLE cause. Remember, espcially if you are a woman, there has been many Senators/House of Representatives here in the states that was sack without much investigation. Ex: Al Franken? I felt like that was #meToo going too far, I would even say “witch huntie” because everyone deserve at least a fair trial or an investigation. Roy is under investigation, I never said he should be expel, I just said his diploma should be put on hold until such time comes that he is absolve from all of this mess and then no one would even care if he graduate. But then Amy_rigs, Roy Kim issss sooooo hottttt amirite?

Also latebloomer (I hope you have finally hit puberty) when have “seems dedicated to his study” a plausible ground for a pardon of a crime. If I was to shoot and kill someone, but I’m very dedicated to my study I should run free? That’s a bit extreme, lets say I rape someone, but I am an asian, I am very dedicated to my studies, so I should get to graduate? Does that mean as long as I am dedicated to my studies and getting A’s, I CAN RAPE AND ILLEGALLY FILM ANYONE I WANT??? YOOOOOO!!! Thank you kind person, you just LITERALLY gave me determination to get straight A’s so I can just nut on random people at my university without their consent!

Also latebloomer, when have uh….. “lots of people doing it too” been a plausible ground to excuse crimes? When police pull me over for speeding, I guess they are wrong right cause let’s be all honest here, lots of people SPEED too! So there are a lot of sexism and racism in this world, I guess it’s alright to be a sexist and a racist now! You are right though, ordinary people do it too. Please call 911 if you see revenge porn (which is now ILLEGAL in most states) or illegal filming activites. Also yeah Roy Kim is not declare guilty so far, but he IS getting investigated therefore he SHOULD hold up on his graduation until the investigation is OVER cause let’s be honest if I was caught doing something like this, I might face expulsion without any investigation.

Oh person, times are changing. You know what was legal back in the day, SLAVERY! You know what else, uh war crimes!?? Like Nanjing Massacre, or Hitler’s Holocaust (wait he didn’t DO ANYTHING WRONG RIGHT??!!!! THERE WAS NO LAW???!!!). I am sadden that although you were mad, you didn’t report this person with the attachment. And you are right viewing it and sharing it doesn’t make you a criminal, it makes you an enabler. Seeing a crime and not reporting it is NOT A CRIME, you are just mess up that’s all (unless the person who sent it was your VERY VERY CLOSE FRIEND OR RELATIVE OR FAMILY then I can understand why reporting might not be desirable..). Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse is one of those CRIMES that is common, but it is rarely reported. I will also give you the benefit of the doubt, yes if I was in your situation I might have been too lazy to report it (I get it I am a mess up human being in some way see me being hypocritical, telling you off although I am not sure if I would reported myself). But this is not even Roy Kim circumstances, he KNEW what Seungri and Co. was doing, he was active enough in the chat. Also when Seungri ask everyone to leave the chat and make a new one so they wouldn’t be discover, only Jung Joon Young stayed or something and that’s why police was able to recover some chat history but not all of it. Now of course I don’t know if Roy Kim was in those chats where Seungri told everyone to leave, if he was then HE KNEW HE WAS COMMITTING SOMETHING very “SHADY”.

I wonder what the Hoyas student body are doing right now about this issues, espcially the so call student “feminist”……. I mean I guess you guy started a petition on (which can be access here Petition). I mean you could potentially just like write a letter to the president and let people sign it you know, I though this era was the era of student/youth activism (isn’t that why some girl from Sweden might be getting the Nobel Peace Prize or something??) This whole incident has gotten me disillusioned with many men and women alike. It’s disgusting that men still do these kind of things, I mean I could potentially do these kind of things in the right environment given that I am a “man” myself. And women, why are you letting us get away with this? Why? Espcially those Seungri girl fans out there that still thinks their Oppa is innocent, to be honest even if he wanted to sex you up I really don’t think any of y’all should let him. Like us guys for our personalities, you can have an intial attraction base on looks but please like us for our personalities and not just purely our looks.

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