Super Junior's Kyuhyun finishes his Mandatory Military

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun finishes his Mandatory Military

You might be wondering why all these idols are in the military in the first place. Well it’s not like they have a choice, because the Korean War is still “ongoing” meaning no treaty have been sign yet (although there were talks like a year ago April 2018. I mean who knows, those might be dead talks by now North Korea just withdraw from the little joint committee near the DMZ). Since they are basically still in a war, South Koreans and North Koreans alike are drafted into the military. This is a basic requirement and of course you can dodge it, but your life ain’t going to be pretty like Schenck in the States, at least that man wasn’t call a traitor or at least NOW in history we don’t view him as a traitor. Props to Korea, they probably have the “most fair” system for the military in that no matter how rich or famous you are, you can’t dodge. If you do, your life will be tear APART by the netcitizens, I don’t think anyone can have enough fame and take on THAT SCANDAL, I mean all male idols/actors have done it thus far some point in their life. Besides, I mean military death in South Korea is probably less than US an it’s unironically probably safer too but I guess nuclear threat in the North does keep one on his toes (you can still be deploy places in the US military). Going to the military also confer some advantages for males like muscles so that even more girls than ever will swoon over you from white——black skin color (well ok I don’t know about the ending there).

That being said, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun just recently finish doing his civl service work for 2 years. Super Junior was a pretty known group back in the day (I guess the most famous ones in that group is Leeteuk finished in 2014, Siwon finished in 2017, Eunhyuk finished in 2017 and Donghae finished in 2017 also) known for mostly their very nice singing. They are one of the rare idol groups that have actually nice-as-eff vocals (maybe even better than Taeyon of SNSD or yoga-lady-f(Luna)). All of them are pretty “old” now though, like early 30s to mid 30s. With Kyuhyun finishing off his mandatory military service, that’s everyone in Super Junior a military career that spanned about 8 years.

(Photo creds: XSport News)

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