BTS's Jungkook goes to an Ariana Grande concert, and our latest favorite drama, Produce X 101

BTS’s Jungkook goes to an Ariana Grande concert, and our latest favorite drama, Produce X 101

In other news, Jungkook recently APPEARED at a Ariana Grande concert part of her “Sweetener” world tour. BTS been traveling around America recently before they kicked off their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour. Apparently Blackpink fans are UPSET that Ariana wrote a whole dang caption for Jungkook, but only put A HEART when she took pictures with ALL FOUR MEMBERS of BLACKPINK. Oh no what a conspiracy! You are not even the TOP of the Girl group from Korea, ooh puh-lease. I can already see it, Jungkook and Ariana, oh my she is almost the same height as the korean singer-4 inches that Jungkook has a crush on…. Meanwhile, BTS members visit John Legend who gave them ALL OF HIS time. I swear he was talking about a girl in that song and not a boy group……

Producer X 101 recently got struck with some DRAMASSSSS. Wow it’s like I am watching a Korean Drama and not like a reality TV show. So there’s this man Yun Seo Bin (21) who after the first episode actually has a good chance to make it on the debut team, placing 12th. He’s from JYP Entertainment but unfortunately recently, his past has finally caught up to him. The kids on the playground call him…. the YBG cause he’s NOTORIOUS for tossing beating up people and then dumping them into trash cans since his middle school days. Not only that, he supposedly was a man of style, ahead of his peers AND his times. There has been photos of YBG (who looks like Seo-Bin hmmm) smoking cigarettes, and DRINKING ALCOHOL in school uniform. Talk about doing dumb angsty teenager stuff. Anyways, JYP Entertainment would have none of it and decided (after a brief investigation) to terminate Seo-Bin contract which effectively ends his career and dream to debut as an idol singer. Now I know bullying is a bad thing, but come on he was literally a freaking 13 year old, we do dumb stuff as a 13 year old! (Ok well I didn’t take dabs and drink alcohol but still!) Unless I mean he’s still violent….. Or like stuff like that then he should exit the show no doubt. Or unless his violence back then, I don’t know resulted in someone committing suicide or something. I mean even THAT’S still excusable, just have a powerful ex-commander father and big actress for a sister and you set! I guess idol life is really hard, I really want to call out the person who reveal this. I mean I’m glad that the person x reveal this information, but like person x, why did you have to wait until like he’s trying to achieve his dream to drop the bombshell. I mean unless he haven’t changed at all since his middle school days, come on man if it bothered you so much go talk to the guy (which I guess is hard), or even if you didn’t, you should have drop the bombshell way before hand, not when you let him taste dream-coming-true milk and then just totally crush him like that.

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