China Digital Fair and Trade Talks. Taiwan discovers spies!

China Digital Fair and Trade Talks. Taiwan discovers spies!

Well well, more politics than culture but ahem here’s your two cents on the Fake China, and the real China, sorry I mean Taiwan. Just joking, I am not going into that whole politics side of those two countries.

China recently hold a second of its kind Digital Technology Summit in Fujian province featuring new technologies from developping a “5G” network to advanced AI technologies. Key note speaker from the event stress the need for new technology in China booming online industry (which exploded this past year, accounting for a substiantial part of the GDP for the first time) to facilliate propaganda I mean communication. China internet giant Tencent’s even boast that their advance AI have help 2000 families of Ughiyurs find each other after they going to be EFF in their upcoming “A Day at Summer Camp”.

In news across the waters, Taiwan have recently tells the world that it would be harsher on checking visa now, what was once an open border is now a little close. This comes from an incident in January in which pro-Hong Kong independence student activists were tailed by retired police officiers even when they travel to the island to just chill you know and attend several err… forums!

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