Khalid Collaboration with BTS. Somi Image Teaser Drops

Khalid Collaboration with BTS. Somi Image Teaser Drops

Poor IOI’s Somi, when will she ever get to debut? I mean first it was Sixteen in which she was eliminated in the last round, and then it was IOI, the group which stay together like six months and now all members are dead (like Chungha is barely known….). If Somi was a little patient, she could have debuted with Itzy, who at least have won 13 shows award with their little song “Dalla Dalla”, given that nobody released songs in Febuary so they just wrecked.

Well Khalid, the singer of “Silence”, “Better” and “Young Dumb and Broke” is coming up with another collaboration after the Blanco one with “Eastside”.

EXID has released their group photo teaser for their album Me&You. I can’t seem to find Solji independent teaser photo, oh noes! In other news, Momoland’s Nancy (well Momoland is nugu-popular group, they just need ONE song…) has change her Korean name. Guess what it was before hand? Lee Seungri! Well it was A YEAR ago, but hey the coincidence just too real. OR KOREANS JUST DON’T HAVE UNIQUE NAMES, THEY ARE ALL JUST LITERALLY PICK A LAST NAME (KIM, PARK, LEE, AND MAYBE CHOI) AND THEN LIKE PICK TWO COMPOUND CHARACTER AND WALLA, YOU GOT A KOREAN PERSON.

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