Shedding Light Where Needed #1: New Feature

Shedding Light Where Needed #1: New Feature

Alright you know what, all of these trainees are HARD AT WORK, and STUFF. I think I want to do something like this. I will try to do this everyday where I just want to comb through different sites (youtube/reddit/vlive) where I just show videos of groups or artists or just average koreans or trainees doing Kpop. So many KPop groups are form and so many just fall flat, so I just want to give them more exposure here. If there is a KPop video that you like and want it to be posted, just comment below and I’ll get to it next spotlight.

Cherry Bullet by the way is making a “comeback” they literally debut several months ago I don’t think this is a come back at all….

From KBS’s Immortal Songs 2:
IOI’s Chungha and Kim Jae Hwan:

N. Flying:

Music Core Last Night (here’s a bunch of Fancam videos that I gotten). “Boy With Luv” by BTS won

Trainees (Thanks Reddit, I’m just digging through)


Hard to find Trainees video, most if they are making videos are near debut…. Oh on that note, Producer X 101 Episode 2 is out! It’s somewhere on the internet, just search you probably find it.

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