Taeyeon let her VOICE be heard. Red Velvet releases Teaser Images

Taeyeon let her VOICE be heard. Red Velvet releases Teaser Images

This just in, Taeyeon (I THINK I’VE BEEN SPELLING HER NAME WRONG. OH NOES) releases her latest single “Voice” like a day ago. It isn’t a bad song, I think I liked her last single better. Her english is pretty good, I am not going to lie. Of course, still inferior to MY AWESOME ENGLISH which is kind of ahem ahem, I suck at grammar. Check it out below…..

Speaking of solo artist, VIXX’s Hyk just release a Solo I think… Uh…. Here we go…

Red Velvet, I can’t believe I miss this a week ago, well their comeback would be in Japan, and the title of the album (I guess the lead single) is Sappy. I guess they release a few Teaser Images, which I will include below. Uh, Irene looks normal as always, and Yeri looks like early Christmas Present….. I wonder which boy they will kill in this music video. If I have to guess, they look like uh Milk Maids back in the GOOD OLE DAYS, some Farm Hands about-ta be shot with a crossbow. That was the west though, maybe they will be shooting rice farmers since this is East.

Netcitizens- Oh man, what a beautiful BOOORING flower vase, must have

Netcitizens- I ain’t accepting that gift. $@$)%# YERI!

Me- This is bad photoshopping……. I hope this was fan made……

EXID’s Hyelin starts a Youtube Channel, joining a various string of recent KPop idols to start one to I guess get more exposure and communicate with fans directly. The only one I can think of is APINK’s Bomi in recent dates. Oh yeah and that person from AOA uh Chanmi? Check out these three people channels below, I have no idea who else but if any of y’all know, give me a comment and I’ll add them. COMMENTS NOW WORK WITH SOCIAL MEDIA. IT MIGHT SAY “DANGEROUS CONTENT” BUT COME ON THIS WEBSITE IS LIKE FLOWERS AND FUN NO DANGER AT ALL 😉 ;). For real though.

EXID’s Hyelin Channel . Ms. Seo (not being patronizing, you are just older than me) it might seem you are doing/forcing a little bit too much humor :). Maybe that’s just me, but let the humor come naturally, doing too much MIGHT get you subscribers but there is also a high chance of backfiring. But then again it is only the introduction video so I guess I might be reading the whole thing wrong.

APINK’s Bomi Channel. Ms. Yoon, there are many eating videos….. Too much Korean eating videos……. But then again you do other stuff too, and it’s IDOL EATING VIDEOS.

AOA’s Chanmi Channel Ms. Kim (wow it seems I want to address the whole Korean Populace) you don’t have to put on so much make up for any video, like you and Ms. Seo look pure white, and I know we Asians are yellow not European pale. You look as-pale-to-paler than my white american ex. But then again maybe you have no choice, netcitizens in Korea tend to…… HAVE GUTS THOUGH, I bet you look very pretty Ms. Kim without that make up.

What else is up today, oh yeah some SAD NEWS NOW. Let’s see, SISTAR’s Bora announces her breakup with BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, I guess she stop feeling Song Jong Ki vibes off of Feeldog. That sounds like a rapper name oh my gosh, Feeldog…… You got a rapper saying he is an investigative kind of dawg, and you got a korean big MOOD dawg.

Credit to Naver, awwwww not Dispatch? YOOOO GANG WHAT YOU ARE DOING, INVADE MORE PIVACY!

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel has won his case against his entertainment industry, LM Entertainment. They try to pull a fast one on Daniel, transfering all of his exclusive rights to another company while the term of his contract say “Y’all can’t do that without my aggreement”. But you know what LM Entertainment has the RIGHT IDEA, who reads the term of service anyways? Who would have thought Daniel was such a NERDDD!!! His lawyers probably read it though….

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