AOA's Mina broke up. AOA's ChoA actually LEFT!!

AOA’s Mina broke up. AOA’s ChoA actually LEFT!!

Well we all know now that one of the powerhouse of Gen 2 is not going away after all after the majority of the Ace of Angels members resign ( 🙂 ), I mean ahem re-sign with FNC entertainment sans Mina. Mina has recently remove all her AOA photos off her instagram account. Wow that must have been a bigggggg break up. I mean the only time people eviscerate (BIG WORD WARNING!!!!) memories is uh….. break up, divorce, uh….. yeah that’s it. Like those are the events you want to remember in the moment so you snap a pic, and erase after. But Mina, AOA calls for you, the heavens call for you, remove yourself FALLEN ANGEL from the EVIL PURGATORY AND ASCEND ONCE AGAIN!

Well many people will be surprise to find out that ChoA actually only recently left FNC entertainment. She basically destroy AOA’s vocal crop by leaving the group in 2017 (many AOA fans say it has never been the same without ChoA), but her contract with FNC actually never “ran out” until now. Of course like Mina, she BECAME THE FALLEN ANGEL CHO-CIFER. You know if ChoA actually come back, AOA has hope for winning awards in this Gen 3 era.

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