Hong King Kong erupts over extradition laws. Taiwan rears up for Presidential Election.

Hong King Kong erupts over extradition laws. Taiwan rears up for Presidential Election.

Well well well, classical politician brawls happen everywhere in the world. You know over here in america, you bet the democratic party want to sock the republican party in the face and vice versa. Ole Madame Speaker want to give Ole Mitch a punch in the face or Ole Mitch Wife. While we are on the topic of Taiwan/China asian women, Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu known for “Kill Bill”, “Tinker Bell” and the voice “Kung Fu Panda” master snake Viper just earned a Hollywood Walk Of Fame becoming I think the second asian-american women to earn one. The first to be honor was way back in the 60s, her name is Anna May Wong. She dead now I think hmmmmm.

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Speaking of Taiwan, their next presidential election is just around the corner. They hold their election later than US (see the duality ahahahahah) and already the current president from DPP party Tsai Ing-wen (she won the last election in 2016) is already facing competition from her own party in the form of William Lai who was the former Speaker of the House in Taiwan government. He resigned his post to SPEAK for the DPP, and now is BACK FOR REVENGE. He apparently ranks better with the people of Taiwan than the current president on issues such as democracy, not being an a-hole and authoritarian.

Anyways speaking about throwing the ole 1-2 at people, Hong Konger politics have no such rule in place. It was a free for all at the latest governmental meeting, where a heated discussion about a “extradition law” was in full force. The law which passed in February, which I think past and now the government of Hong Kong is trying to amend it, basically allow local judges and courts to kick criminals back to countries with no “prior agreement”, it’s confusing basically to Taiwan or China (most notably China). Lawmakers that is pro china love the law of course, and they are in contention with the pro-democrats not only in amending this law, but in the legitimacy of the temporary chairperson of the government James To. Police reports on assualt were filled, sounds like the DNC back in the 70s.

Wow such political talk, now to putting on DANCE MOVES. Although Russian Team won at the last episode of Stage K featuring EXID, THERE WAS A VIETNAMESE ONE-WOMAN ARMY IN THE FINAL. She is in a dance cover group back in Vietnam but you know what she should really do. AUDITION FOR AN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Man you don’t even need the looks, just do what Koreans do get plastic. You got some moves, go to Thailand or something to try out. We need a goddang Vietnamese idol and to have that we need a trainee…..

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