A certain girl group no longer has the PRISTINe image. South Korea has some of the best casting skills

A certain girl group no longer has the PRISTINe image. South Korea has some of the best casting skills

OOOOOHHHHH SCANDOULOUS NEWS JUST CAME IN, the popular well ok not really……. girl group from Pledis Entertainment Agency famous for their PRISTINe image, is not so PRISTINe anymore after some JUICY RUMORS JUST SPROUT UP. Ok, well all they did was disband after only a short 2 years. That’s the savage part of this industry, not a lot of groups (around like maybe 5% of groups) make it big or at least to a “known” level. This disbandment news come fast though, not a lot of group make it big within 2 years, espcially groups that are not in Big Three Entertainment Agency. Actually my mistake it wasn’t even two years, they literally hiatus themselves to death around a year ago, which is more Pledis Entertainment fault then each individual member. I’m sorry fans, Pledis Entertainment is learning from THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY EVER, TS Entertainment in how to deal with these UPSTART GIRL GROUPS! I hope the individual members has successful career elsewhere whether they want to continue with entertainment industry or not. But these fake fan moaners going out for PRISTIN man I swear there was never so much hype when PRISTIN drop a new song, but now it seem like an absurd amount is “feeling bad” at least on KPop Reddit an absurd amount is…

Ouch even though I think like two of its member were in Producer 101 season 1 and became the band IOI. Um Nayoung and Kyulkyung but again they weren’t the MOST known member from that group. Three of Pristin did resign with the agency though, with Kyulkyung being one of them ( Source here). Very very sad…..

Speaking of disbandment moves, VIXX or known as “N and the Boys” contract recently expired with their entertainment industry. All of them renewed, except for member Ravi who says bye bye to Jellyfish hello Sponge Bob but says he would still answer VIXX call when needed.

JTBC is making moves again at a new variety show after they launch Stage K like this year or was it several months ago? Stage K is a show where ordinary plebians can dance covers post it to youtube and then to the competition. Groups are usually compose of members from the same countries. Finalist (4 of them) are invited to Seoul where they are met with a “star idol group” or even singer and have a dance off to the invited star idol group or singer dance. Then the star groups are picked and get to dance with the VIP guest on the show for that night. It’s a neat show concept, but it gets really boring after a while. Now back at it again and speaking of Youtube Videos, JTBC is doing a show all about Hate Comments that singers/idol groups/actors/actress/Entertainment stars get in Korean world. It’s casting as MC (?) one of the most liked-then-hated KPop idol ever, f(x)’s Sulli who was once probably the face of her group and then after she left because she hated the idol life/was dating a 14 year old her senior when she was at the age of 19-20, she was not well liked. Well at least she is finally doing something now, I don’t think she has done anything since 2014 except for a few cameos there and then.

Alright enough with sad news, here are some happy concerts and recent comback videos espcailly the NCT 127 just releasing their new song “Super Human” before embarking on the world tour. Also included are some Sketchbook clips, the music show where idols literally have to sing without the help of backtrack OR auto tune so it’s actually a show to find out whether your favorite idol/group can sing well or not….