"Lost In Translation"- KPop Edition!

“Lost In Translation”- KPop Edition!

Yo hello our small community, oh yes this is your fellow resident coolguy1234-tzu and wisely1300-tzu. HA GET IT, Tzu because it’s Art of Dramas which is model title off of Art of War by Sun Tzu? I think that joke was gotten a long time ago… AHEM AHEM. So today we want to bring to you out of our career of listening to KPop with is the span of several months, we just want to bring to you the funniest KPop lines we have heard so far! Lines ranging from bad english because not everyone english can be as good as f(x) resident stripper Krystal and her business woman sister Jessica (among others Korean-Americans of course in KPop industry right now like uh NCT 127’s Johnny or even TWICE’s Mina but she move pretty early) to fishy sounding homophones like the word for “I” being close to the N word in English (I think there that’s why korean songs find a hard time to get on the radio). Here is a Top Ten of our picks in the funniest KPop sounds. Some you might have heard off, but some might come as new! Spoiler alert: Once heard, it can never be unheard. You have been warned!


Oh yeah that’s right, you thought you heard wrong? NO YOU HEARD RIGHT, YEAH THAT’S WHAT MAKES TWICE SO META, THEY GO META. Oh yeah they knew it was “Shy shy shy” oh yeah Sana knew. Oh yeah, but she decided to go META ANYWAYS and say “Sha Sha Sha”. So iconic….

1. SHMONEY! (From “Give me Body Fluids”- BTS)

The chorus is often misheard by English speakers as them singing “money, money, money”, when in reality they’re singing “원해 많이 많이” (wonhae manhi manhi), meaning “I want you a lot, a lot” (maybe it carries a dual meaning of them saying they want money a lot (I mean who doesn’t??)

2. Hey girl, wanna go down a rabbit hole? 😉 (From “I love President Putin and Russia Sports Team”- BTS)

Jimin is realllyyy passionate about butts stuff, evidenced here when he’s singing: “Go to my rectal wonderland” (the correct lyrics is: 거짓말 wack들과는 달라” (geojitmal wackdeulgwaneun dalla) which means “different from the flying wack jobs”).


h3>3. TOMATOES! (From “Going on the Richter Scale”- 4TEN)

The line “You’re just like a tornado” is often misheard as “You’re just like a tomato” (maybe she really loves tomatoes).

4. Sinners! OH THE SINNERS!! OOOOOH THE SINNERS! (From “Everytime me and wisely1300 play 2 on 2 in pickup basketball with some kids I just have to…..”- Got7)

“Let’s fuck, and fuck, and fuck” is clearly what Jinyoung is saying, but apparently the lyrics is “Let’s fly again, fly again, fly again”. Maybe Jinyoung is getting really lonely with all these dating bans being in effect. Shin Ye-eun sends her condolences!

5. Hey boy, DO YOU want to go down a rabit hole? 😉 (From “That Maya Angelou poem…”- Sistar)

Maybe Jinyoung can get some of that action from Hyolyn, who so clearly sings at the beginning of this song: “Destroy my ass” (the correct lyrics is supposed to be “Just dry my eyes” (or maybe it’s not, who knows wink* wink*)).

6. But it only one night! (From “Dance”- VIXX)

Ravi screamed in here: “So we got ya pregnant, boom” to Dasom (Sistar) in this music video. I hope they’re paying child support then to her (who’s the father thought among them, hmm?)

7. To all those groups that haven’t make it big yet (From “3 down: Thing you watch on a date with woman or man we won’t judge”- BTOB)

Ladies, get in line. Ilhoon is offering this deal: “I’ll be your man, nugu potato”. Aww, it’s ok, Ilhoon. Maybe BTOB was nugu for a really long time, but at least now they’re somewhat recognized. Not really huge level, but not nugu either (the correct lyrics is actually: “I’ll be your man, 누구보다도” (nugubodado, meaning “more than anyone”).

8. Dang I’m salty about my Ex….@QueenTaeyeonTheGreat (From “Call me Ba-bay”- EXO)

Baekhyun is secretly calling someone out in this song when he managed to find a way to sneak in “You’re so gay cuz you’re a dumb ho”. Clever, Baekhyun, clever indeed (Actual lyrics: “어둔 미로 속에 갇혔던 Oh 나” (eudun miro soge gatyeotdeon oh”), meaning “I was once trapped in a dark maze”).

9. When I just want to do it and have no expectations… (From “I copy this woman name Adele’s or something song title”- Hyuna)

Ah, the Kpop industry’s sex icon is at again, happily belting “that bad pussy good eyo!” to show her appreciation of someone she just went down on (sadly, the real lyrics is nowhere as exciting, as they are: “다 배 아파서 그래요” (da bureowoseo geuraeyo), meaning “it’s because they’re all jealous”.

10. I think I will go Italian for Tonight….. (From “I’m not sure, but it’s right?”- SNSD)

Looks like a conversation about what the noonas will have that night for dinner, or even for a late night snack 😉 😉 . Any how you can distinctly hear the call for “meatballs” during the opening seconds of the music video.

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