"It was all good and importantly...LEGAL fun!". Even even MORE...... SCANDALSSS

“It was all good and importantly…LEGAL fun!”. Even even MORE…… SCANDALSSS

Hey hey did y’all know it was SNSD’s Yoona B-day two days ago? Oh yes that’s right, and she celebrated it by dropping her newest solo which you can see below. It’s a calming little song, but like nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special. I must say her voice is dreamy-ish, I like the softness of the whole song. Very calming!

Oh look, another YG artist making a comeback during these tumultous times. She’s a solo artist though by the name of Lee Hi and apparently not afraid/unfazed that her company is getting roasted all over the place. In her latest song she collab with an B.I from IKon. I like Yoona’s song better, I just really don’t vibe with this song. It’s not jumpy although it tries to be, and the beat drop is not that good. It’s has a bollywood dance feel to it though.

It is Lee Hi first album in years since let’s say 2016?? She’s been active wayyy wayy back in the day though like 2012. A lot of people at YG tweeted out in congratualations for Lee Hi for becoming number one song on many realtime charts! WINNER tweeted the album profile, so did Akdong Musicians (even though the brother of the group just got back), and even the 2NE1 crew.

So more of the story is getting out, according to a YG representative, there were IN FACT not one not two but 10 sex worker there at the YG party for investors back in the day. Of course here’s the nice caveat, before if there was sexual act (and when phrase that way there’s almost a guarantee that there was at least “inappropriate touching”) the YG representative had stressed. Oh shiz, well in my experience with women none of them want to have sex with you at unless 1) they are dating you 2) they are dating you 3) they are dating you 4) you are a BTS member. Of course there’s the one night stand, but these workers most definitely won’t be having sex for free (unless these powerful men force them to, which would constitute RAPE and honestly I don’t know what’s worse in Korea) because they got to earn their bread somehow. Of course “the myth, the legend, the boy” CEO Yang have vehemently denied that there were any prostitutes at all. That’s actually the smarter move if you don’t want to get caught, but come on CEO if it did happen just admit it man but then again I guess he have too much to lose to admit it. On one hand he is morally corrupt, but if you look at his wealth point of view, nobody want to lose their hard earned money (I hope his money is all clean) heck that’s one of the reason why communism doesn’t work. But CEO, enough is enough you got a good run and I bet there will be many people remembering YG’s group even if YG totally died. I do feel bad for the innocent people at YG who are caught up in this incident, this could destroy their hard earned career for no reason other than their CEO was a big I mean small (cause he’s asian) d!ck. Now, I kind of bet that some paid sex was going on, I give it a 10/10 that it happen.

Another company caught up in this pot of scandals is SM Entertainment. The top dog of the agency been having some “fishy” transactions with some company call Like Planning which is founded by “president of culture” the man himself SM (Lee Soo Man). Apparently Korea Economic Daily have reported that the amount of payments between SM and Like Planning have been increasing steadily over the years. This is a classic case of money laundering, which is even more depressing since entertainment agency already “steal” so much from their idols in term of earnings. They don’t have to worry though, now that the situation of YG is imploding this is a perfect time for a perfect getaway for SM himself, run when the cops are not looking! I mean he did it last time (apparently he was caught in something similiar many moons ago but of course yeeted through his connection in the government. Those connections probably strengthen with time so he can also easily yeet out of this one). Classic rich men yeeting out of problems they created, but then again maybe I’m speaking like that right now cause I’m broke as @#!$ and if I ever get rich… big oof I hope that doesn’t happen to any of you, this site audience, even if you guys make it big….

Also really guys…. NCT> Super Junior??? NCT> SNSD??? Flex correctly if you going to flex, I went ahead and blurred that out! No offense to NCT, it is definitely not working yet in the Western market at least, I can’t speak for eastern. They might be big later, who knows SM is really pushing them though so maybe? Oh the image was from Soompi

Anyhow the if there’s one person getting turn backs in this incident is the relatively nugu group of FTISLAND. Remember one of their members was arrest, Choi Jong Hoon? It was because he was in the same groupchat as “Seungri and the boys”. He has been arrested because as the police put it “he wasn’t a member of Big Bang” in addition to the usual illegal filming and stuff but hey illegal filming won’t necessary arrested as in the case of SEUNGRI….. Well one of his band mates Lee Hong Ki is totally giving his bro the cold shoulder. When ask by fans if he sleep well knowing one of his teammate is capture, he answer… YES! He even said he takes a sh!t well which is dude I mean hyung, too much information. When fans say to stick by Choi side, he said “nah bro I’ll pass”. Well at least now I know there’s one group with worse chemistry compare to AOA.

Goo Hara’s ex fiancee Choi Jung Bum, remember the woke guy that mistakenly wrote a newspaper ad for his hair salon than an apology to Goo Hara for beating her up? Well he’s been brought into question like finally. But who knows, he might get out of this one too like he got out of his 2018 arrest warrant.

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