More Releases of Songs, Wonder Girl's Sunmi unexpected reveal?? A new era for PRISTIN members

More Releases of Songs, Wonder Girl’s Sunmi unexpected reveal?? A new era for PRISTIN members

Actually let’s start off with YG Entertainment again, oh gosh it’s so tiring that they have so many scandals, or well ok 2 too many. YG (I guess it’s all hearsay so far but as we know about crime like these, it’s pretty much have some truth in it) has been accuse of tax evasion, money laundering and destruction of evidence. I mean rich people evading taxes? I bet it’s so common, it just “shouldn’t be a crime”. And money laundering? Oh please as the saying goes, you can’t make more than 10 million without engaging in some sort of criminal activites whether it’s big or small. Luckily for SM, I bet he is smiling in the background just watching the public eyes all on YG and none on him although he probably money launders too.

The biggest news of today is probably the fact that on Wonder Girl’s Sunmi solo tour in London, she suddenly describe LGTBQ as a part of her. Many people takes this as a sign of she’s a lesbian and coming out, but uh I don’t think so mainly because there has not been any breaking news on Korean websites or any East Asian news outlet considering that Wonder Girls was a huge deal back in the day. Also there was a Soompi article back in the day (like last year) where she talks about (well it seems like) the people she have liked, which mean she’s probably “bi” if anything. Yes you can come out as “bi” but usually the term/phrase come out means that you either gay or lesbian. Here’s the tweet with the video where Sunmi lit up the crowd…

Update: Well Sunmi-noona release some CLARIFICATION to her post. Who nows she might not be comfortable with revealing at this time 🙂 all I know is she really hesistated when she said LGTBQ Queen.

No matter if she comes out or not, the fact that she supports the community even though her country, basically all of the easternn ones are really homophobic, really do not like LGTBQ is a brave thing to do.

Ah yes, in other news, remember Pristin, the band that got absolutely tore apart by Pledis Entertainment taking after TS Entertainment? Well yes the members that left (there was like 3-4 of them) and their leader Nayoung has recently all signed with a mysterious entertainment agency. There are rumors now that they are trying to debut again along with trainees from that agency. Well if they do, let’s hope they actually make it big this time around.

Here are today’s comeback from “Queen of KPop” BoA releasing her single to Queen CL the antagonist featuring in a Japan group music video. Cosmic Girls also released their summer comeback and fromis_9 has finally join in on the “fun”.

(Oh right this group haven’t had a comeback in like forever)
After the fall of the T-ara empire due to civil war (check T-ara page underneath KPop Biograpies), ex-Queen Eunjung looks to Japan as her new frontier.