IT'S A SWITCHEROO! Today news in Asia....

IT’S A SWITCHEROO! Today news in Asia….

Alrighty, FORGET THE KOREAN NEWS, IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT OTHER COUNTRIES. First up it’s China. The Pizza Hut chain there recently uses EXO Lay as its main spokeperson and created him a special Limited Edition Pizza if you be italians huh huh huh like me, coolorio guy1234, you wouldn’t call this piece of bread pizza…..

Like I get thin crust, CORN ON A PIZZA? WHat are you a savage? That’s too much topping for a pizza, I bet this pizza goes really nicely with RICE. Anyways apparently fans love this “pizza”, it’s has sold well over 5 million pies within 4 weeks which is pretty impressive. I guess?

In other Chinese News, Rakuten Viki has been hard pushing to get Chinese Drama on their site. They have newly acquire rights for Love O2O (OH MY GOD I WAS GOING TO RECAP THAT I GOT LIKE 3 EPISODES DONE ALREADY), Eternal Love (the one with Yang Mi and Mark Chao) and a bunch of others. Alright gang, if all goes well, I hope to recap all those dramas….

Oh I guess it was news a like two days ago I just forgot to report it, uh EXO is now making a new sub-unit now that the members are rearing up for military sevice (D.O. about to go). Taking precedent from Super Junior D&E, it’s a duo pair EXO Computer Science MODE! Chanyeol and Sehun are teaming up. NCT 127 also recently won their first win on music bank for their latest song “Super Human”. Also IOI’s Somi recently released her teaser photos (I think the title track is called “Birthday”…. I don’t know I just have a feeling….)

Wow it’s been a really quite day in news son far, here’s some videos to keep you company. Since Izone is about to comeback let’s do Izone videos in addition to BTS stuff (that celebrate thier 6 years anniversary). Oh and to that I say, 17th show win (if you don’t know what show wins are here’s a handy dandy article) for BTS “Boy with Luv”…….

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