Back In Korea Now: NA American Tours, and More......

Back In Korea Now: NA American Tours, and More……

First let’s start with some comebacks and North American Tours that more groups are going to embark on. Let’s see here, up now is TXT, Tommorrow X Together. They are a Big Hit Entertainment group, yes the same company that brought you BTS, and they are trying to capitlize on their predecessor success. Not only are they going to be present at KCon in NY this year, they are now officially going on a North American Tour. This follows the trend that Girl Groups usually have to be “established-ish” to be able to handle a North American Tour, while Boy Groups don’t have to and even relatively new boy groups are already going on a NA Tour (Stray Kidz, AB6IX and now TXT).

Not only that 2PM’s Jay Park (who was ceremoniously booted from 2PM back in the day because of hack emails. Sounds familiar? Hillary Clinton can understand) is announcing his first American Tour. He is originally from the states (from Seatle actually so we will see how he fares) and he is an uh….. Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop guy. No….. He isn’t black, HAHAHA US ASIANS HAVE STOLEN TOO!

In other comebacks, the relatively nugu group (so, so so in popularity) ATEEZ have recently released two singles.

Eh, it’s ok I don’t really like it but who am I to judge?

The heavy hitters Queen Sowon of GFriend, have declared that her INNOCENT AS FUC group (seriously just check out their music videos….)

will throwing their hats into the running for Summer KPop songs and SHOW AWARDS on July 1st. Wow not afraid of RV I see, although these GFriends have been out of commission for like a year and a half or something. THEY HAVE CHANGED! They are now offically called X-GFriend! TWICE already had their Korean Comeback in Fancy. That was a so-so experiment with the Girl Crush concept so I THINK THEY ARE BACK WITH THE INNOCENT/CUTE in their upcoming Japanese Song “Breakthrough”.

Not only that more solo debuts coming your way this summer. We got Super Junior’s Yesung, a group that is either hated or loved by Knetizens because they are very vocals about their thoughts. You got Heechul who apparently have rude humor for some (although he’s the “Prince of Connections”), you got devoted Siwon (who’s borderline very very traditional Christian) who hates the gays (which no offense, MOST Asians in Asia hate the gays. Except for Wonder Girl’s SUNMI IT SEEM LIKE. Thank you for trolling us noona). You got Super Leader Leeteuk being mysoginistic, Shindong for being in Seungri private chat (OH YEAH THATS RIGHT), and the worst CRIME OF ALL KANGNIN MARRYING??????!!!! Anyways Yesung have solo debuted an album before, so this would be his second solo album. EXO’s Baekhyun instead of going to the military, is also pursuing a solo career this July! Oh no, Baekhyun better go complete his mandatory military service soon, 28 is the max age to sign up! Unless you want to suicide your music/public/celebrity career, then by all means. ZE:A Park Hyun Shik just apply for the military, you might know him from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soo” a KDrama that’s ACTUALLY on Netflix!

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