Jeon So-mi so-so debut

Jeon So-mi so-so debut

Sorry guys, oh my gosh I have been so sick these past few days. I could barely eat and stuff, but I am back now, sorry for taking that 5 day sick-action (OMG SICK+VACATION ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE). Ok first off, we have Jeon So-mi anticipitated comeback. Now I don’t know if it’s anticipited because she is that well known (she won the first season of Producer 101 and was place in IOI which disbanded after like 9 months) or it is because she was going to released music at a time where YG is honestly about to be fucked? (read more about THAT HERE). Any how here’s the single…..

First, I see YG artist do have a distinct music style, it’s like “rap” first before the actual lyric singing. Second, a lot of colors I like how there’s “candy land” colored objects but then she adds a twist with dark color objects near the end of the video. That’s a nice touch because usually the term “Birthday” have a bright connotation right? The decorations are suppose to be bright, cake is support to be bright EXCEPT FOR DIRT CAKE (you know the cakes that model a tree and then there’s gummy worm in the soil. OOOOH MY CHILDHOOD DAYS. SIKE I NEVER CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY LIKE A TRUE ASIAN). I like it, Somi puts a twist on the concept into not only a cheerful occasion, but also into an empowerment song.

Now here’s the trouble that really keep from “liking the song” she did it all fine and well when there were nobody looking/she gets infinite tries, but Somi absolutely choked when trying to perform the song live. The dance moves wasn’t strong in the music video to begin with, but the colors and other elements of the music video distract you from that fact. When the clutter was removed, the big cake gone the ballons deflated, the dance moves were put on clear display and I must say it was pretty weak and easy moves to do. NOW OF COURSE I CAN’T DO THOSE MOVES, but like they are not hard compare to other idol groups. Somi also didn’t have any stage presence, she didn’t seem to own her performance. She was kind of obviously shy for at least the first time she perform the song live at Music Core….

It would be more forgiven if Somi was completely new, and that this was her debut debut. But no, come on you had Producer 101 experience, you have JYP’s Sixteen experience. That’s the times where you showcase your talents “alone” so you should have been able to executed this one. I get it, it’s been 3 years but still, Somi has too much experience under her belt. She was much better in Inkigayo performance, but then again maybe I’m saying that because there were elements from the music video in this performance and it might have “distracted” me. Sorry for the harsh words, it was not that bad of a debut, just felt it didn’t not live up to its hype with the KPOP audience here. Then again, I guess that’s why I am not invited….. 🙂

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