[Review] TWICE gets the Girl Crush done right

[Review] TWICE gets the Girl Crush done right

Well I did a lot of catchup listening wise, to the latest comebacks/new kpop songs that I totally miss out on. Let’s just do a quick run through with each starting with my favorite….


First it’s a pair of songs “Happy”, and “Breakthrough”. This is a japanese comeback, which mean that you won’t see it winning korean music shows soon. Basically how this Japan game works is once a group is big enough or last for a sufficient amount of time, they sign with a Japanese music producer agency and then their music is produce. So it’s the same for most Western bands, they might sign in other countries and make music there. Except even though it is the same band making music, the “track” are usually different. Sometimes even the concept is different because something might work in Korea but not in a more traditionalist Japan unlike Western Band they just usually go with the same flow with their music.

Anyways…..I LOVE IT! BOTH OF THEM! I just love the two contrasting concept in the two different singles YET YET it’s neat that the music video seem to tie the two different songs together (did you notice that the same door introduction is use in “Breakthrough” as in “Happy Happy” where the doors are darker color in Breakthrough signifying a mature song? Like that touch). These two singles really answer for me the question posed after “Fancy You” EP back in March. TWICE will continue to be cute, cheery, and “Happy Happy” but there is a “breakthrough” in their mature image too. I couldn’t stomach “Fancy” at first because it seem like a sudden 180 degree from EVERYTHING that TWICE stood for. TWICE is known for its cute concept, but “Fancy” set the tone to mature, almost girl-crush/independent woman streak. I am fine with that, but it was too sudden from what I have come to expect that left me wondering if they were now going to do a complete shift to what it seems like even BABIES are doing these day “the girl crush/independent woman” concept? On that note somebody should bring sexy back. There has not been a “sexy” concept group since uh forever. I wouldn’t watch any of the said group music videos but it would be nice to see difference/take a break from the endless arrays of independent-girl-crush these days.

Anyways with the two singles, one is obviously more mature image than the other. “Breakthrough” seem to continue the trend the Korean release “Fancy”. In “Fancy” there were attempts from the group members to portray themselves as “still cute” with bright colors and like swings in some scenes. Not in “Breakthrough”, it’s black dresses and white dresses all the way on this one mostly black dresses though. Also I feel like the props and dresses aside, the dances and lyrics in “Fancy” was different from what you were seeing on screen as I have said “…..the video was girl crush-ish, but the lyrics was cute-ish concept.” . But this sort of inconsistancy wasn’t found in “Breakthrough”, it was an empowerment song about how you can still keep going even if the tunnel ahead seem dark. I wouldn’t say it’s deep lyrics, but at least you can relate to it. It wasn’t just “ooooh you can do it, oooh don’t give up” half the song was like “oh I compared myself to others and I feel like jumping out the window” but then “HANG IN THERE”. Like the beat, although the enunciation on “breakthrough” leaves a lot of room for improvement :). I like how although there was some “electric” sounds, it wasn’t overuse as with many other groups so far (ahem like CLC’s Me). I LOVE IT, if you going for this mature concept totally fine, but it got to flow dance moves, lyrics, and prop-wise which I think “Breakthrough” achieve and not really “Fancy”. Of course there’s still some work required, but like achieving this much in 3 months is already impressive. I have been slacking so much these past three months.


The next song, is the cheery one (actually this is consider the 4th single, while the other above is the 5th single). “Happy Happy” has it all, the secret formula that almost ALL TWICE songs has use to become the top girl group. It has the upbeat music (THANK YOU NO ELECTRIC), the props, the lyrics is about love. It’s generic compared to their other songs, but “Happy Happy” does show case more jumping and playing around than structured dancing. WHICH IS ACTUALLY PERFECT, it put a smile on my face even though I have NO IDEA what the noonas are singing (hey but I know the english “Happy Happy” at least!). Happiness is infectious, and needless to say I was infected. TWICE was just doing what they thought made them happy (although I don’t know if all of them likes fishing but then again JAPAN IS A BUNCH OF FISHERS!) jumping around hanging out with each other. What can I say, song like these work!

Happy Happy

Overall I like botht the two comebacks, it demostrate that TWICE hasn’t lose its roots, but that doesn’t mean they can’t grow from it.

2) TVXQ Yunho’s “Follow” and Super Junior Yesung’s “Pink Magic”

It’s a debut album “True Colors” for HIGH LORD Yunho but third album for Yesung already.

“Follow” has made some grounds in sale, which all speak to the High Lord powers. I think it has already sold 100K (lol it might be 10K) in album sales. The song is cool, it’s missing a little Changmin in it :). The song itself doesn’t seem to be a complete turn of what TVXQ was doing, except this is just High Lord Yunho doing it on his own. Nice dancing sir, those doesn’t look complicated but the speed he pulls them off at is actually impressive. It isn’t bad I got to say, I don’t like it as much because I never quite bought into TVXQ songs in the first place (except for Mirotic). The music video looks like it contains deep messages with the faceless motorcycles just standing and circling him, but I’m afraid to bring contemporary American life to interpret the messages which might be totally off from South Korean life atmosphere right now.


Yesung song is cute and bright unlike High Lord’s. “Pink Magic” is generic though, but it’s neat that it’s him and one girl kind of like his band mate Kyuhyun single although his has more actions. I like the song name, how the colors of love even though it’s a song by a MEN, is feminine using pink instead of red. Breaking gender norms, pretty neat! It’s OK overall, but I unironically prefer High Lord song over this one.

“Pink Magic”

3) Izone’s “Buenos Aires”, Somi’s “Birthday” and SF9

I already review Somi “Birthday” in this post so I am not going to do it again. It’s time to head over to Argentina, Buenos Aires for Izone comeback. Now Izone is a huge-member band and was form from Producer 48 (third season of Producer 101). I know of Izone love to sing about places they probably visited for limited amount of time and add in French words now and there for some weird reason (is one member french or something??) which is the whole theme of the verse to Buenos Aires. The song is about how this guy and this girl are going to take a trip to the magical city that is Buenos Aires and frankly even if Izone have travel there (I don’t doubt it) I rather have the locals sing about it than Izone. Like why can’t you tell me about magical city in Japan or Korea, you know that you guys probably live there for extended amount of time. Also why Buenos Aires, in it there’s barely anything hinted about what is so special about Buenos Aires and why this random girl wants to travel there. Also I DON’T like the French sprinkle in with “Voulez-vous”, I don’t know if Buenos Aires speaks French mostly, all I know is that it’s in Argentina I think adding SPAINISH would have been way more appriopriate.

The music is fine, the dance move is fine but I just don’t vibe with this song. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just a weird location they chose to sing about that makes no sense. The song doesn’t even want to make me travel to Buenos Aires! I hope there’s no Buenos Aires, Korea or Buenos Aires, Japan or something or else the points I’m totally screwed.


Now it’s time to roll over to SF9’s RPM which feels like “Ready Player One” theme music video with all the supposedly advance looks-like-gaming-tech. Sounds alright, although the beat drop is kind of weird? Here there’s a more indepth review into this song. I don’t know much about SF9 to cover them or give them the adequate treatment.

“Rotations Per Minute”

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