Time to jump Ship? Police is peering into why it didn't do more in B.I.'s Scandal

Time to jump Ship? Police is peering into why it didn’t do more in B.I.’s Scandal

Now we all know the troubles YG Entertainment has put itself into. This one two punch of iKon’s B.I. drug scandal and “hiring” prostitute probably took down “The myth, the legend, the boy” CEO Yang. I did extensive review of the latest drug scandal in an earlier post this is just an update on that whole situation. Apparent, this Miss A has been revealed to be a former YG Entertainment trainee Han Seo Hee who of course didn’t debut. This is how she came to know TOP and B.I., dang she must have been a popular trainee why didn’t she debut?? YG denies that Miss A was ever a trainee at their agency (which would further reinforce the image of YG taking in bad people. Now I don’t think drug dealers are necessarily bad but then again I am looking through an American lens) because of course she was a part of JYP! Anyways apparently back in 2016, the police station DID forward B.I. to the prosecution, so B.I. was about to have to answer some tough ole question until well he didn’t. The prosecutor office of course said it was miscommunication and that they THOUGHT that police was going to do an internal investigation. They relate how they DID question Miss A, just not ex-icon B.I. Now those file from 2016 is so very little, and this is why YG is involve and have to step down because he is now accuse of covering up and destroying some critical evidence to the case. This time in order to “do it right”, the whole case is forward to the SUPREME PROSECUTOR office, which sound like a freaking cult leader or something.

A person from the industry of ahem….. have step up to confirmed that there WAS women of a certain type (sex worker) at that dinner party for foreign investors that YG hosted and attend. Although there were NO PAID SEX!!!! I guess IT WAS LEGAL FUN.

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