G20 Summit about to kick off in Japan as trade war between China and US continues

G20 Summit about to kick off in Japan as trade war between China and US continues

Serious STUFF

Some serious news time, so the G20 summit is happening in just a few days from now. For you who don’t know what G20 Summit is, it’s basically encompasses all of the world economic superpowers (over 90% of exports and imports). That’s the whole EU (does that include British economy? NO let’s be honest all they export is snobbish, brexit talk and tea 😛 ) + US + China + those middle east oil countries + Japan + Russia + South Korea + Some South American countries which you can PROBABLY guess which ones. This time around the summit will be held in Osaka, Japan, with talks on World Trade, the state of earth and such. Basically a peace summit, I don’t think any other things happen in those summit except for pledges which is short for “Gentlemen Agreement” which is short for I-even-break-treaty-with-UK-so-fuc-gentlemen-agreement-China. WHAT THEY WON’T BE TALKING ABOUT during the state of the world talks is HONG KONG, as Beijing media has stressed that President Xi will not be engaging in such discourse. Instead he will be in talks how about how he will take over the world, I mean support multilaterism and his “Belt Road” initiative (which basically is the Marshall Plan back in post-WW2 but instead this time China wants to actually take over the countries economies they are setting up). This is of course a clear shot at US and President Trump “protectionism” stance (making people pay extra for foreign goods in an effort to sell more american made goods) and just the US overall after the two superpowers engage in a trade war a couple of weeks/months ago. Luckily there will be some talk about that, how tensions could be ease on both sides so trade can resume. I know this is an entertainment news website, but let’s take a hot second to totally go over the trade war. Since Mr. Kushner is in charge of solving the Middle East, I think I have enough credentials to talk about the trade war.

Now if you look around the stuff in your house, I guarantee you that most of the goods are made in China. People might be wondering “what on earth does US actually imports and sell” since I bet you can maybe find 2 or 3 things in your house (SEE 2 or 3 things) that’s actually made in US. Well US engage in what is call “high goods” trading. In laymen terms, electronics/digital stuff which does make a little sense I mean Apple Iphones are popular world wide (although their popularity is taking a hit in China because of high prices and Huawei phones gaining traction) and most countries use Google as the default/most popular search engine (although not China OR Russia). US basically relies on China for cheap commodities like plates and stuff, and gives China back techonologies espcially Computer chips (a market almost solely DOMINATED by the US with Intel, and AMD). Unfortunately due to the trade war, China has been exploring their own method of making chips and technologies and in some part they have been successful espcially in the “mobile” chips part. Huawei smart phones usually operate on Chinese made mobile chips, although other smartphone makers in China rely on US’s Qualcomn Inc. for the mobile smartphone chips. Still US has China beat in Mobile “Operating” Technologies for Huawei smartphone runs on you guess it ANDROID which is a GOOGLE thing. US do not have China beat on EVERY technological front though, for in the field of AI China might just beat out US due to their massive population of engineers, and data collection that invades privacy (which Western countries are not allow to do to their own citizens) that can be espcially useful in developping a realistic AI. It’s clear that the trade war kind of got to end, for the good of american farmers and technologies for a prolonged war might just give China the encouragement to develop their own technologies. As a French Prime Minister said back in the day (blinking on the name right now) during King Louis like 6th or 12th or 14th reign, declare that France can be a super power if THEY DON’T TRADE AND JUST PRODUCE EVERYTHING when Mercantilism (who ever controls the money controls the world policy) was a big hit! China might not have the necessary technology and maybe will never develop it effectively, but they don’t really need encouragement from the US to do it. (Source for this whole piece)

Entertainment Portion

SPEAKING OF CHINA, Super Adult (Ex-Super Junior) Hangeng just maybe got married to actress Celina Jade who is big in Hong Kong but Westerners might know her from the series “Arrow” as Oliver Queen trainer on that island and Slade’s Deathstroke unrequited lover. Then again AllKpop reported on the rumor marriage back in March but this time it seem like KOREABOO got the screenshot of the marriage certificate which they got from an undisclosed Chinese Agency. Either one of the months is lying to me (March or June) OR…..

Korean-Drama ESQUE:
Han Geng marries Celina Jade got engage back in March. But like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, the two decide to yeet out at the last second. After Celina Jade release “Thank You Next”, Han Geng decides that he got too much tatoos to cover up and decides that he will go through with the marriage. Celina meanwhile releases “Seven Rings” and although “she wanted a husband SHE AINT GOT ONE” contrary to the song. Then Han Geng bumps into Celina in the street where he says “Wo ai ni” and the two get married AGAIN now.

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