[Review] "Uh Oh" -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory

[Review] “Uh Oh” -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory

Cube Entertainment’s G-IDLE, a group that is vying for “Korea NEXT TOP GIRL GROUP”, finally places a risky bet with their newest song “Uh Oh”.

First, I would like to congratualate them for this music. It’s a really risky experiment since no girl group in recent memories have ever went for pure “rap hip hop” vibes before. Even as the music begins they are invoking the hip hop mood with “old footage” filter and the “record squeaking sound”. Even the way they dress is old fashion, in jeans and jeans jacket. Clearly PANDERING TO WESTERN AUDIENCE, because I do not THINK such image exist in KOREA back in the 1980’s-1990’s. Now I know a lot of KPop music draw influence from hip-hop, but going full on hip hop is just a tad different. Hip Hop is black music known for it’s vibrant beat, AND what makes the genre stand out is the deep lyrics that is usually reflective of the author life experiences. Rhythm and Blues was generally emotions within the instruments and the melody, hip hop added another dimension by having spoken words. G-IDLE new song only fulfill ONE criteria, and that is vibrant beat. The lyrics are NONE OF THE MEMBER PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, or even if it is it didn’t feel personal cause it’s too general. It was basically a girl crush song (oh you are like everybody else, what do you want with me. Same old same old) but instead of the usual beat, it is hip hop all the way through. I would have prefer if you just went with regular “girl crush” pop beat if you are not going to try and waddle a little bit deep into finding yourself and expressing it in a song. Maybe I’m too much of a purist when it comes to genres, I just can’t bring myself to liking the song although I do like the retro hip hop beats.

This is a risky move, and I really want to applaud them for that. Not only because so many big groups are about to come back (Prepare for GFriend Fever), but this is just have never been done before recently by any girl group. It definitely stand out of the pack and probably of this summer entire KPop releases. Instead of being the black sheep or a dark horse, this song seem to put a target on it self in a hunting range instead……


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