G20 summit in Osaka ends with barely any results except a cool picture!

G20 summit in Osaka ends with barely any results except a cool picture!

Not much have been agree upon….

What an eventful talks the G20 summit in Osaka has been! Where absolutely nothing have been done! To those who don’t know about G20, it’s basically a meeting of powerful countries (ok fine countries who have the top 20 economies. Combine, they own like 80%-90% of the world’s GDP. It’s basically like the top 1% cocktail party). Now why would an entertainment website cover such a heavy deavy topic, well because China loves to censor its entertainment news so we will shift over and play politics for a bit here.

One of the main events of the talk was the meeting between Chinese and American President. The current trade war has been hurting both sides. The answers that came out of the mysterious talks was….. a pledge for MORE TALKS! Wow what a solution!

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I GUESS??? Apparently, China and US has done this once before. Guess where it was? OH IT WAS AT THE PREVIOUS G20 SUMMIT IN ARGENTINA! China and US has pledge to cut a trade deal that both sides can agree too, and they actually drafted that “Gentlemen Agreement”. A little while later though, China decides to back out of one little terms in that deal. That is to protect intellectual property of foreign US companies. You see, US overhere as you all know has something call copyright that protect and individual’s “intellectual property”. Now of course that’s a good thing in hindsight. It encourages innovation because what’s yours IS EXCLUSIVELY YOURS. For a set amount of time. If you can think and build it, you can copyright it and sell it, and other companies cannot copy. Of course the down side of that is…

Pharmaceuticals can hike life saving drug prices that they discover/created first WAY WAY UP. As a socialist country, China doesn’t have such system in place. Or at least, not for foreign companies. This was one of the main reason for the US hiking tarriffs to 25% on Chinese imported goods this year. Now at the G20 the two nations have promise no more additional tarriffs while negotiations continue, but Beijing have stressed that they will not make a law that protects US intellectual property. Over 600+ big businesses (like Walmart, and Target) have sent president Trump an open letter not to raise any more tarriffs, they took the G20 results with a breather although many businesses remain skeptical. I mean they do have a reason to raise eyebrows, because last year in Argentina- where this exact agreement was made- tarriffs were much lower than they were today. Even global leaders remain skeptical, with some saying 45% chance that a deal will actually be made.

Cool Picture

Well one thing did look a bit promising. Before leaving Osaka Japan, President Trump took to twitter and tweeted to Supreme North Korean Leader that he would like to cross the DMZ and greet him. Finally our GLORIOUS president use twitter a little bit properly.

Now this crossing the DMZ zone was long planned, President Trump was dettered by “harsh storms” last time he tried to cross the DMZ. This time around president Trump met with South Korean President Moon at the blue house in which representatives from KPop a.k.a King Suho of EXO was present. Suho later said…..

““We met U.S. President Trump, but rather than the power of EXO, I think [we were invited] due to the power of K-pop. K-pop is loved all around the world, and I’m sure [Ivanka Trump] loves many [groups among K-pop], but I think she really liked EXO. I heard President Trump’s granddaughter is a fan of EXO as well, and we met Advisor Ivanka Trump at the PyeongChang Olympics, so I think that’s why we were able to have this opportunity.””

Oh please King Suho of EXO, the only group that Adviser Ivanka knows is BTS, let’s all be honest here. Also President Trump granddaughter liking EXO? Oh please that was probably diplomacy….

Advisor I: Oh yes, Mr. Suho…. My niece (or daughter) loves uh… singing Asian men
Suho: OH EXO?
Advisor I: (aside) I am pretty sure it started with a BTS because you know THEY JUST GOT BIG HERE WHAT THE FUC HAVE YOU DONE EXO IN AMERICA WHY WOULD MY DAUGHTER/OR MY NIECE KNOW ABOUT YOUR ASS? But anyways they all look alike they are all too white asian people.. (to King Suho of EXO) Oh yes EXO yes yes VERY GOOD GROUP!

President Trump then travel to the DMZ where he met up with Supreme Leader Kim and took about ten steps across the DMZ. President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim has agree to restart nuclear deal talks after the last disaster of the Hanoi Summit and reports that the envoys for North Korean in those talks was recently executed. . Hey at least one thing was reopened, although many politicians in the US said it was a sign of appeasement.


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