IOI to confirms reunion?

IOI to confirms reunion?

“Is this the real life OR IS THIS JUST FANTASY????” at least that’s what the IOI fans (HA THEY DON’T HAVE A FANDOM NAME) are saying right now. What has gotten them in this wistful mindset, well recently an instagram account from Studio Blu, a subsidy of CJ E&M, tweeted (or whatever instagram does) saying that the IOI groups are confirmed to reunite and release a new song this upcoming October. Sadly the 11 member group will be without its two members: Somi and Yeonjung.

Now for those who don’t know IOI, they were form from the survival show Producer 101, the first season actually. Yes the same show that brought you Wanna One and Izone, but IOI was the first group from that show (which is produce by Mnet a subsidy under CJ E&M which is the company that actually OFFERS the winners the contracts). Since it was a trial run for Producer 101, the IOI group were offer short term contract that had the group disbanding and returning to their original agency just after one year. The short success of IOI was what made Producer 101 more ambitious, offering bigger and longer contracts until they hit Wanna One and they went all out for an basically almost full regular idol group contract of 5 years.

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Kim Sejeong– Who was like ACTUALLY popular with people when IOI was around. Now she has a “solo career” which came out to a grand score of 0/10. Although her first solo “Flower Road” actually won a music show! She has basically fade out of existence but is now in the group gugudan

Im Nayoung– She was in Pledis and return to said entertainment agency after IOI. She then debuted under Pristin. We all know how that turned out, DEAD! She declined to resign with the agency and then LIED TO THE MASSES ABOUT A POSSIBLE NEW GROUP

Chungha (Kim Chan Mi)– Who never really wanted to go for a solo career. She is now possibly the most relevant member of IOI. She just release a new single “Snapping” and is coming to KCon New York! Wow get your tickets here for the 6th of July!. Just saying GO TO THE LA ONE

Jung Chae Yeon– Acts in web dramas (which unlike a rare few Chinese ones) which basically is pewee league for acting. To date I think like ONE web drama actually get well known. Currently in DIA, the group for people with AIDS

Zhou Jie Qiong– Does more things in China. Made forrays into CPop and now is acting in China. Not that big though, but at least she’s busy?

Kim So Hye– Missing in the wild since 2017. Please report any sighting of this endanger IOI member

Yu Yeon Jung– After IOI, she promptly got into a rocket and shot to the cosmos. Now she has RETURNED as a Cosmic Girl(s)

Choi Yoo Jung– In Weki Meki. Uhhhhhhhhhh not much to say here, they just released a new song though

Kang Mi Na– Yes, in the same place as Sejeong. In the dungeon that is Gugudan

Kim Do Yeon– See Yoo Jung

Ennik Somi Douma– Well she just solo debuted after yeeting on being a part of Itzy (Yuna took her place). We all know how that went

So even though Chungha more successful solo career, she is APPARENTLY making time in her schedule to accomodate this reunion although Somi isn’t. I guess Yeon Jung is TOO TRANSCENDANT for IOI now. Then again, this whole reunion affair might not even happen! The instagram account, Studio Blu one, that tweeted was a NEW ACCOUNT with NO VERIFIED BLUE CHECKMARK. So IOI fans, after being LIED TO FOR SO LONG (past month has been IOI comeback rumors after rumors) are now very skeptical that it will ever happen.