[Review] GFriend wants you to catch a "FEVER" this season!

[Review] GFriend wants you to catch a “FEVER” this season!

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The second big hitter has arrived on the stage this summer. After Red Velvet disappointing roller coaster ride that was “Zimzalabim”, I was looking for a smooth merry go around with cheery lights. So I decided to board the merry go around that is GFriend “Fever”. You know the GFriend part of this amusement park that is Summer Releases is usually the very tamed. From “Rough” to this year’s “Sunrise”, the group of KIDDIES have always stuck to their “classical innocent” concept. All their songs have that soft lullabic music along with intricate but “conservative” dance moves. So here I was on this merry go around when the operator tells me to strap in. “Well isn’t this weird” I thought. It’s a carousel what so hard about staying on top of the horsie??? But then I thought, “hey maybe they improved this merry go around, maybe the horse does some rocking motion now??!!” so I did what I was told. Suddenly the cheery lights shut off and everything was dark. Then an ominous voice appear over the speaker.

“Welcome to…… FEVER!!!! Enjoy the ride WAHAHAHAHAHAA”

The ground gave way and me and my horsie was falling like 40 feet into a dark abyss so fast. THen it would stop just before it hit rock bottom, and then it went up and then down. Even sprinkle in a little heehaw along the way. This merry-go-around X roller coaster ride lasted throughout the entire 3-4 minutes…… So much so that I had to look away at times and close my eyes….

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Look don’t get me wrong, in the end I thought that horsie ride was pretty fun. Just like how I actually like the song. I really do, I think it’s the best of the summer releases so far (although “Uh Oh” by G-IDLE really has been growing on me when I don’t look at the lyrics and just pretend they are singing some deep shiz). I like the beat, espcially in the chorus part it sounds really like old western pop that used to be on the radio until all raps took over and not eve good rap songs, no f**** “Old Town Road”. I for do think that this does fit a summer song, like I would play this song on a beach with a beautiful sunset in the background. I apprieciate the chorus, it’s more modern moves then the usual conservative style although there are some classic little GFriend choreograph in there like the “person reveal” move (that’s not what it’s call but THAT IS WHAT I AM CALLING IT) where all of them line up in single file and then the first person reveal the second with hand wave and so on.

What keeps me from fully embracing this song is it doesn’t sound like GFriend. It sounds like some other group made it and sung it. It doesn’t have the hard high notes that Yuju usually is there to hit, it doesn’t have that ballad lullabic music that I am so used to listening to GFriend song. Also the music video and the modern dance moves (which ok I was a little fine with) shatter GFriend image as innocent group. SHOULDERS NOONAS???? OH NO SHOWING STOMACH??? WEARING BLACK SHINY PANTS?? NO I NEED COMPLETE COMPLETE COVER UP FROM FEET TO TOE, YOU DON’T SEE ME GOING INTO PUBLIC HALF NAKED. THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE FOR SHOWING STOMACH AND THAT IS AT THE BEACH 🙂 :).

To put my reaction in an analogy, I am the italian couple in “Italian Restaurant” a skit by SNL. In the skit three couples are offer a pasta dish, and all three of them really enjoy it. Beforehand they were told that this pasta dish came from a famous italian restaurant but towards the end of the skit the host reveals that this pasta was actually from Pizza Hut. Although all three couples were suprise, everyone beside the italian couple was happy and said “well dang I’m gonna go buy this from pizza hut again then”. The italian couple freak out because they were enjoying PASTA FROM PIZZA HUT, NOT EVEN FROM PAPA JOHNS! The couple then spend the rest of the skit lamblasting the host saying he was a fraud and a con, forgetting that they actually enjoy the dish. That’s totally me right now, I sincerely enjoy the song I just can’t believe it’s from GFriend and base upon that fact, I have some assumptions about the group and how their songs should be. I enjoy the steak guys, I just can’t believe you told me in the end it was made out of horse meat.

Maybe I was foolish to in my assumptions of GFriend. Like Tom who also foolishly assume that a small bomb was harmless. Both me and Tom proceeded to get blow up in the face.


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