JYJ/TVXQ's Minister Micky Yoo Chun sentence to probation

JYJ/TVXQ’s Minister Micky Yoo Chun sentence to probation

Scandals! SCANDALS! Everywhere in Korea entertainment industry right now. From the Burning Sun, to Burning YG Entertaiment, to SM money laundering it seem like we are finally concluding one of the scandals from Korea. You guys might remember Park Yoo Chun scandal, where he allegedly did drugs with his fiancee-no-longer. This was happening around the same time that Burning Sun was, it was just Burning Sun was talk more about here and it was cover by many big news site like CNN and BBC. Why the drug scandal of Park Yoo Chun did not gain much coverage (BECAUSE THE KOREANS BE ON THAT AT&T WAVE AND NOT VERIZON) in the Western world because let’s be honest, middle schoolers dab (I wish it was THE DAB) if you catch what I am saying. Heck if I walk home an elementary schooler and he or she- drugs don’t discriminate- takes out a square box and start blowing smoke rings out of his or her mouth, I’ll just say “MAN ANOTHER DAY IN AMERICA!”.

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