SM investors demands Like Agency to merge with Parent Company

SM investors demands Like Agency to merge with Parent Company

Well Well Well, even though “the myth the legend the boy” ex-CEO Yang has to step down over his illegal activities there’s one that still haven’t. “President of Culture” Lee “So??”o Man who was caught transfering large profits from SM Entertainment to his privately owned “Like Agency”. Basically “Like Agency” for all intends and purposes is basically LIKE a fodder (is this the right term?) company. It’s where ahjussi can shovel in money from SM (money that by the way made on backs of idols and actors/actresses. Idols who basically break their backs every day) STRAIGHT INTO HIS POCKET! Even though SM Entertainment try to make amends by bribing their way out of the situation some investors are now calling for this “Like Agency” to merge with SM Entertainment if they are “so legal” as ahjussi claims.

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Ah another SM news, so apparently SM’s visual director Min Hee Jin- woman responsible for designing the concept of SNSD and EXO- is now taking a new job as “Chief Brand Officer” at Big Hit Entertainment. She is rumors to be in the works to debut a new Girl Group with Big Hit Entertainment. Now Big Hit Entertainment so far has NO girl groups, they just have TXT and BTS (one reason that BTS is able to control their music and lyrics is because Big Hit was so very small). Recently due to BTS global success, Big Hit has decided to expand its agency headquarters to accomodate more people, trainess, and employees. They are constructing a 19 story building as their new headquarters and obviously hiring more people to expand their artist pool. A big risky move, but it’s really telling about this KPop industry how you only need THAT ONE GROUP to be big and then everything can be sunshine and rainbows. Of course it remains to be seen if Big Hit will churn out more successful groups, I mean one of the reason that BTS was so successful was BECAUSE they came from a small agency ironically enough even though groups from small agency never get big. This allowed BTS to have an unprecendented control over their materials, even big groups like EXO rarely get to control their concept and music because they are from a big agency.

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