[Review] x-F(Sulli) finally return to music with the release of "Goblin"

[Review] x-F(Sulli) finally return to music with the release of “Goblin”

Wow look it’s the EX-F(x) member, Sulli releasing her first single (miss yoga practioner F(Luna) what are you doing…). What’s hilarious about this release is she once said, way back in 2014 when she quit f(x), that she hated singing and the “idol” life. Sulli decided to make forrays into acting instead but many fans pointed out she was already lazing around during F(x) performances (much like Black Pink’s Jennie nowadays) beforehand.

In addition to that, at the time Sulli was in a relationship with a 15 year old celebrity guy named Choiza, when she was only 19-20 years old. Before all of this, Sulli was very well liked by netizens as F(x) was a big-ish girl group back in Generation 2 of KPop. She was basically the face of her group, and this can be clearly seen as her music video got already 2 million views in 2 days although her ex-fellow band mate Luna (who has one if not the best voice in all of KPop over Taeyeon the Great) has literally 757 K views on her music video even though it was released months ago.

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“Goblin” is a nice song with a cheery tune as it tackles a mental health issue known as “disassociation” (it’s literally in the introduction of the video). The lyrics basically tells how this girl is struggling with her life, most of the time she’s struggling with her dissociation disorder (it’s when someone feels like they are not in control of their body and is trap inside) and I guess she’s afraid to tell that to her singnificant other? What I really like about the song is the little ringing sound like throughout the chorus. It really reminds me of an antique shop that has those little bells on the door that makes that sound when you open it to notify the shop owner that a client has entered? This was before a CAMERA of course, and maybe that sound is on purpose for the music about dissociation. I don’t have any other hits to base this single off of, so I will just go that while it’s nothing special, it’s alright. It’s remarkably different from F(x)’s heavy electric pop style I must say.

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