Big Bang almost back in full force

Big Bang almost back in full force

Well Well Well, if it isn’t Big Bang, a big group with members like Seungri going out in a BIG WAY. It’s just reveal today that Big Bang TOP has been officially discharged from public. That didn’t really protect him from being charged by netizens at full force, calling him a bastard and all of that “cool stuff”. The reason for their anger is highlighted fully by the BI Drug Scandal, in fact the Miss A of that scandal was caught taking drugs with TOP. [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

TOP was in military service when he was caught, and he went through basically a lot and was finally sentence to 2 years of probation. The punishment was exactly the same as Park Yoo Chun punishment so I guess at least the legal system is fair-ish. Now to me and many of my fellow americans, I don’t think TOP did anything wrong because like I have said before this country can get mad high at college campuses on Weed. That’s all TOP did but Asian Country+Drugs do not mix, I think people found that out the hard way in Philippines. Also to be honest Big Bang and YG has got a lot of shiz lately, not saying they didn’t deserve it but you know everyone should chill a little. Heck TOP knows the netizens is not on his side with all that is happening with YG and his past drug scandal, he kept this affair very low key unlike Kim Soo Hyun (a very popular kdrama actor) just a few days ago.

MBK entertainment announce that Jennie


I mean Jenny from DIA has been CURED FROM AID YAY!!!

Ahem more like she’s given the boot due to a leg injury. The nugu group DIA has decided to let her go back into the wild. Jenny is suffering from a cartilage injury and she has not attend much of the group’s promotions in the past month (what DIA promote what….). She’s still with MBK though, and it is unclear if this departure is permanent or if she’s going to come back after she is all healed.