Big Hit trying to milk dry its cash cow

Big Hit trying to milk dry its cash cow

“JYP Minion” CEO Bang is seriously really trying to milk all he can out of his current cash cow BTS because as it looks so far its the only cash cow he has (TXT is still a big question mark and so is that upcoming Girl Group). He is trying to establish a music streaming service that subscrippers can buy into for not only streaming music but also BTS exclusive never seen anywhere else content.

I mean I don’t blame the guy, it’s hard enough for small companies to pump out big groups these days, and the small companies that looks like they found gold, toss it to the back burner in Pledis and TS Entertainment-esque style. Big Hit have seen BIG REVENUES ever since BTS took off with an extra boost this year (although they were always “there” in the western market). They went from….


That’s a big upgrade, and a fast one too thanks to BTS making western BANK which when convert to Wons, means a LIFE TIME OF Ws. BTS is reportedly making over $57 million USD in the past year from the just ended “Love Yourself: North American Tour” to the successful selling of “Map of the Soul: Persona” with over 3 million physical units sold (that’s LITERALLY higher than any girl group in physical sales, the list that is led by TWICE) which makes it the best selling album of this year so far. That’s around 67 Billion Korean Wons in Revenue minus let’s say cost and fees for everything and a cut to Big Hit which gives maybe 50 Billion in profits. Split 7 ways that gives around 7 billion per member. A big ass mansion in Korea only cost somewhere in the hundred million wons. BTS’s North American concerts have been typical stadium packer with 40K-60K in the stadium (which is high for even American acts). Not as much as Ariana Grande getting in like 100K-130K but given that they are a Korean act, that’s highly impressive record. Not only that, the BTS wave have encourage others to embark on the Middle Passage and have encourage American record labels to sign Korean acts like RV, Blackpink, and Monsta X.

Now you might have heard of even games springing up including Super Star BTS (a rhytm game) by Dalcom (I recommend either SM or JYP version though) and BTS World by Netmarble. Those games have massive download numbers too on the app store at least, I don’t know how many youth use apple OR WHY DO YOU GUYS EVEN HAVE A PHONE??? Anyways in the latest move CEO Bang and its biggest investor Netmarble is teaming up to make what looks like a music streaming service that is not unlike Tidal. Now if you guys don’t know Tidal, it was a streaming music platform that’s own by actual musicians like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihana, Alicia Keys etc. Tidal selling point is that not only do you get to listen to the artist music, but the owners (which are all big names in music industry) will release EXCLUSIVE stuff for only Tidal subscribbers. Beyonce release a never heard wedding song for Tidal once, and “Life of Pablo” album by Kayne West was supposedly (at first at least) was only suppose to be for Tidal and nowhere else can stream or have it. So basically in this move, Big Hit and Netmarble is looking to establish I guess a music streaming service that offers BTS exclusive content also? Many is seeing this as an over the top risky move that shouldn’t be made, because let’s be honest how many people/current ARMIES actually like BTS songs? Good Job, y’all probably were fans before the big wave! I know many who likes BTS because of their looks and not their songs. It’s a move to cut out the streaming service like Gaon to bring direct profits to Big Hit. It seems like it’s going to be a bust though because let’s be honest, not a lot of people use Tidal and it’s literally owned and back by BIG ASS names, like 15 BIG ASS NAMES. I guess give a man the smell of money and he’ll keep asking for more, this move might just blow up in Big Hit face…..

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