CJ E&M Fails to Pay 25% Trump Tariff

CJ E&M Fails to Pay 25% Trump Tariff

Well well well, looks like EVERGLOW WON’T BE ATTENDING KCon LA at all after CJ E&M (big ass conglomerate) failed to secure a visa. Looks like Trump Tariff on Chinese Goods made a big impact on EVERGLOW and its one Chinese member. Taking EVERGLOW place though will be one of the most prominent contestant on the this website show “Who’s the next Big Group?” ITZY. They debuted this year in February to an astounding 9 show wins in their song “Dalla Dalla”. Speaking of ITZY, they are coming back with a title song call “ICE”, from the teaser photos it looks to be a GIRL CRUSH SONG AGAIN, wowza!

In other news if you are looking for tickets to KCon LA they are here. They go on sale tomorrow, and surprise the KCon LA will take place in August 17th. The schedule of performance is already release if you care to check it out here it is….

HINT HINT HINT, the Sunday one has bigger names performing (Mamamoo, Chungha) while the Saturday one is relatively nugu-ish (Izone).

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