Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

The founder of “Johnny & Associates” has passed away and went to probably hell or heaven (I don’t know where Michael Jackson went) around six days ago. A lot of people are in grief for Johnny Kitagawa was a dominant figure in the JPop industry. He founded his company in 1962, and went on to create many successful boy acts, actually just dominanting the market for boy idol bands in Japan for like 40 years. “Johnny and Associates” still stand as Japan’s top talent agency. What a legend, what a man…

What a pedophile!

Apparently Johnny Kitagawa has been known to stick it to young boys. He was so powerful in fact, he was able to shut down this whole debacle back in the early 2000s. No newspaper would dare publish on the story and no TV station would dare cover it because if they did, apparently if you did then “……then all the popular stars will be withdrawn from your programs, your variety shows will not get any interviews with celebrities, and your ratings will plummet”. Such power in the hand of one man, DAMN IMAGINE ALL THE CRIMES HE COULD GET OFF. Man why stop at pedophile, heck go down to New York and shoot someone! Or maybe grab someone by the pussy!!

Apparently a lot of teenage boys that Johnny groom to stardom paid their ways using their bodies. Or as the Asian Entertainment industry and every entertainmnet industry calls it “the small hidden price that nobody talks about!”. That hasn’t stop Japanese from displaying their grief. TV Hosts break down crying, even the government acknowledge Mr. Johnny calling him sorts of like “President of Culture”. Many of his griefers were his big successful boy acts including Shonentai whose member Noriyuki said “He’s like a father to us. He was the #1 person in the entertainment world. We will inherit his spirit and act brightly and happily.” Somebody please get those kids away from Mr. Noriyuki so he can inherited the Johnny spirit. Dang, apparently Johnny must be a master of sex because KAT-TUN (another band under Johnny and Associates. You can see how this guy is like a big walking monopoly on boy bands) Jin Akanishi just wrote a love ballad to his beloved former boss.

Dude like what the fuck, this read EXACTLY like a sexual encounter. “Love at first sight”, “introduce myself as a lover”, “in the middle of the night such a feeling I couldn’t deny”. Now of course maybe they just engage in some “mind fuckery” or maybe it was something much more. What I do know is I don’t know if I can flag Johnny as a monster like most international fans who follow JPop, I mean if the kids consent who am I to say? “OOOOH BUT AGE OF CONSENT IS 18” well guys, OBVIOUSLY Jin Akanishi consented even NOW when he’s passed 18.

Sir Kitagawa serve as a loving reminder that there’s two ways to you can “get away with crimes”. One is the “push other down low way” which mean never get caught. The other is the “rise yourself up high way” meaning get very very famous. HAHAHAHA Ms. SHONDA RHIMES TAKE THAT FOR A CRASH COURSE OF YOUR WHOLE LESSON ON “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER”. I DID IT, I TAUGHT WHAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TAUGHT FOR LIKE 6 SEASONS NOW.