[Review] BTS's "Lights" can't quite electrify the crowd

[Review] BTS’s “Lights” can’t quite electrify the crowd

BTS, a group that is at their glorious peak right now. Recently winning awards left and right and single handidly carrying their entertainment company “Little Hit” to “Big Hit” although their entertainment company doesn’t always have BTS best interest in mind. Their latest korean release was “Boy with Luv” and the whole album “Map of the Soul: Persona” not only shatter records in the West but overall had sales in the 10 million which put the album up there as a top seller in all of KPop. “Boy with Luv” also won tons of shows, like 25 of them which is like the record for show wins by a single song. They are back, this time with their Japanese release which has surprisingly flew under many people radar.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] It’s clear that the boys really didn’t put much work into this Japanese Comeback. First where is the choreography? There’s none! One of the most quintessential KPop genre is in the dancing, taking it out just make the whole song looks bland. Not only that, if you are going to remove the dancing at least make the song a bop. While I would personally say the song isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I expect from BTS and on the whole very forgetabble. “Boy with Luv” was catchy as hell, and jumpy while keeping that cute look to it. “Lights” goes for a soft ballad with no jumpy parts that automatically falls flat and makes the whole affair forgetabble. The lines aren’t deep (which ahem ARMY fans barely any KPop songs are that “deep” BTS may have SOME deep lines in some songs doesn’t mean they specialize in deepness), and the music feels drowsy. “Lights” really seem to be made by different group, which has always made songs that consistently have that “jump” factor (like “Idol”, or “Blood Sweat and Tears”) and it’s disappointing that BTS didn’t continue in this release. Maybe they were too busy to properly prepare for the Japanese comeback, and it shows. This is one of the more forgetable comeback of the summer.

[/expander_maker] Don’t know much about the #1 boy band right now in the world? Find out more about BTS here!

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