Producer 101 Season 4 unveils their X1

Producer 101 Season 4 unveils their X1

It is finally finish, the beast is finally dead. Producer 101, I mean Producer X 101 (same thing cooler symbol?), finally unveil its line up around 1-2 days ago. There were 10 winners of the show + 1 member due to purely audience votes throughout the show making it 11 MEN debuting in the new boy group name X1. Now I just found out today that only 15 million people casted their votes throughout the show run, which is not that much for a show that is frankly kind of overhyped. Also apparently in an effort to inflate the votes, if a person text in their vote it would count as 7 votes in the actual show. This last episode secure the highest viewership for the whole series that has been languishing at around a 2.2% rating (that means the show gets an average of 2.2% of total population in Korea). X1 will stay together for 5 years, thanks to Wanna One huge success back in Season 2 this is CJ E&M most ambitious contract yet. The group will promote exclusively together for 2.5 years, and then switch over to I guess sub units? I don’t know how they would be successful in defering some of their members mandatory military service since some of the men are up in 5 years (Korean men are require to go to the military at or before the age of 28). Otherwise the contract is cruel in other ways because some of these men are already debuted in a group (albeit these groups are unknown) and taking supposedly the most “talented” member for 5 years away spell doom for these unknown groups. Oh farewell to thee unknown groups, only a few will miss thee.

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#1. King Kim Yo Han from OUI Entertainment (I mean if X1 ever get big enough for me to make a page on “Kpop Biographies” then yes)

#2. Mr. I-am-the-1st-loser Kim Woo Seok from TOP Media

#3. Mr. I am the first loser of the first loser Han Seung Woo from Plan A Entertainment

#4. Mr. Ok I totally ran out of nicknames Song Hyeong Jun from Starship Entertainment

#5. Mr. I HAVE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE AND YOU GUYS DON’T NANANANANA Cho Seung Youn from Yueha Entertainment

#6. Son Dong Pyo from DSP-give-me-my-TOP-3-STATUS-BACK-YG Media Entertainment

#7. Lee Han Gyul from MBK Entertainment

#8. Nam Do Hyon from MBK Entertainment

#9. Mr. I CAN READ YOUR FREAKING MIND Cha Jun Ho from Woollim Entertainment

#10. Mr. Smiley Kang Min Hee from Starship Entertainment

#X or 11. Mr. Hey look at my hair Lee Eun Sang from Brand New MUSIC

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