[Review] Hyo going a little "baddie"

[Review] Hyo going a little “baddie”

Well won’t you look at that, SNSD Hyoyeon otherwise known as DJ Hyo has recently dropped a single. Unlike most solo career which focus on vocals, she becomes a DJ releasing synthetic sounds that’s reminiscite of artist such as DJ Snake and Alan Walker or even Chainsmokers. These artists song biggest selling point is their beat drop and not their vocals. Maybe it was a smart idea for SNSD Hyoyeon to take this path, her vocals were not the best in SNSD time.

It’s not bad, I like the video game setting of the whole music video. I don’t understand why she did that though. Espcially making it pseudo first person shooter, maybe I guess to really drive home the point that she’s a “badster” which I can only summarize that she’s a bad girl archetype that doesn’t take any shiz from anyone. Also the music video As a side note, I keep hearing “bastard” instead of “badster”, so for me it sound like she was self degenerating herself. You know some people are in to that. Lyrically aside, the beat was fine. I don’t like it as much honestly, the bass line was too monotone for me. When I listen to “DJ” people hits, I like a tune that’s hype and a bass drop that I can dance too. Maybe not dance to, but a song that can form a mosh pit. As much as I like the synthetic sounds that goes along with “don’t touch”, the bass drop that follows right after is too soft. I would have to say, ehhhhh pass on this song.

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