Big Bang's Daesung in Big Trouble

Big Bang’s Daesung in Big Trouble

Oh crud, it seems like Big Bang can’t stay out of the headlines for like a week or something. You got pot smoking TOP, uh I guess draft-break-taker G-Dragon. We also got “Badman” Seungri got into trouble with all of his dick moves (figuratively and literally), and now finally another Big Bang member is under intense scrutiny. Although nothing official yet, the least known member Daesung (which is a surprise because Seungri was about to be dropped from the group at the debutting stage) is under heat for an investment he allegedly owned. So basically Daesung has bought himself a big ole building (which is I guess an ok investment…). Nothing suspicisious right? What if I told you that building double as a SEX PARLOR!! Yo that sound lit! Apparently there are reportedly “sketchy” businesses inside Daesung building. The 8th floor tall buidling has four floor occupied by a seemingly benign “restaurant” or at least that is what they are register as. In the daytime the place is totally inaccessible, but at dusk the glory hole open up and bustling with business (both kinds) and activites! Some has described it to be those popular “hair salons” that is found much throughout Korea where us men can go and cheat on our wives legally. Remember kids, it ain’t cheating if you pay for it ;), a wise Korean men told me! If you are a cheater, be sure to marry a Korean woman! OOOOOOH HO HO I mean HOES HOES HOES EVERYWHERE (Pretty mess up)!

There’s a chance that Daesung is completely innocent, since he bought this building located in Gangnam around 2017, which is the year he enlisted in the military. This is what he said (translated by allkpop) in regards to his knowledge of the building and its activities….

“Hello, this is Daesung. First and foremost, I want to deliver my sincerest apologies to everyone for causing worries through such an incident while I’m currently away serving in the military.

The building in question in the media reports is a building that I purchased before my enlistment, and it is still under my name. I was summoned for my mandatory service almost immediately after purchasing this building, and as a result, there were aspects to maintaining this building which fell to poor standards. I want to once again apologize for this aspect.

When I purchased this building, leaseholders were already running businesses inside, and so I was unaware of the types of illegal businesses the leaseholders were running. Regarding those who are found guilty of running illegal businesses, I plan to take strict legal action; furthermore, I promise to do my best to take full responsibility as the owner of the building.

Even if it is too late, I admit to my shortcomings and am reflecting on my actions. I will earnestly take responsibility for any wrongdoings. Thank you.”

It seems like Taeyang-ahjussi is the only “nice one” of the crew and the only clean one. He’s also one of the rare few idols that is actually married, so maybe the rest of Big Bang should consider settling down or something…. Or just literally release songs and do nothing, it isn’t that hard to stay out of trouble…… ESPCIALLY SEXUAL ASSAULT COME ON AHJUSSIS!

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