"Matyrs" and "Thug attack" aggravates Hong King Kong Protesters

“Matyrs” and “Thug attack” aggravates Hong King Kong Protesters

Hey remember Hong Kong? Oh yes, that pseudo-independent-but-still-chinese territory? You know a couple of months ago we examine Hong Kong and the protest that surrounded Chief Executive Lam(b) and her extradition bill. The extradition bill was to open an avenue of extradition (sending criminals back where they came from for trial of criminals to mainland China and Taiwan. Of course in retrospect this is good, but China usually label dissendents (people who spoke out against government) as criminals….. So this bill is not really going to enforce rule of law (in practice) as much as it’s a free pass to crackdown on further dissent on the communist government of China. Before, dissendents that manage to fled to Hong Kong from mainland China basically got a “free pass”, cause the Chinese government are not suppose to go in the city unless they have actual evidence of a crime that Hong Kong has to admit. There’s an actual border between Hong Kong and China, representing the two system of government and Hong Kong autonomy. So of course there were protests about this bill, which turned out to be successful as Chief Executive Lam(b) call the bill for indefinite suspension of further talks. She refused though to wipe the bill out of existence when asked by the protestors even though many ex-govenrment officials from her pro-Beijing party suggest she do it.

Let’s check in on our sweet sweet Hong King Kong shall we?



1) Matyr-ing of Suicides

Recently there have been a wave of mental health problem in Hong Kong. Couple that with no mental help support (yay Asian countries!) because we don’t believe in MENTAL HEALTH lead to dangerous behaviors. Not only that the ongoing condition of the country may drive people who already experience depression over the edge as they see their country upn in flames. What is there to live for ANYMORE!!??? That’s exactly what four people did, ending their lives for the protest movement. The latest “suicidal” death that has relations to the demonstration happen just under a week ago. As demostrators tslk about losing trust, and hope in their leaders, they have begun to view these suicidees as hero to the cause of freeing Hong Kong. Protest art glorify these victims and the shrines build for these suicidees seems very uh….violency…. Espcially the latest victim, she posthumously receive praises for being “Brave” and notes saying “we will finish what is left to be done”. Protests have taken a darker turn, with many holding signs off “Stop Killing Us” and a yellow raincoat, symbolizing a 35-year-old man who was the first suicidee. Even writings on Telegram (an app that is used by protestors) thank those who have sacrificed their lives and blood to the movement and call them “heroes”.

These protests are remarkably different from the 2014 Umbrella movement protest where China tried to intervene with Hong Kong elections. Those were peaceful and optimistic with students doing homework in the middle of protests! YEAH SUCK IT WESTERN SCHOOL WALKOUTS, REAL PROTESTORS DON’T SKIP SCHOOL/WORK EVEN WHEN PROTESTING! THIS IS THE SUPERIOR EASTERN STUDENT ACTIVISM VS. WESTERN STUDENT ACTIVISM!! Those ended with large hopes but sadly a few months later, none of key points were addressed and the “ringleaders” were put into prison. Taking lessons, this time around the students are more aggravated then ever, seeing this as the last straw and fighting as if Hong Kong way of life is at stake.

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2) Train Attack

This past Monday, there was an attack by a group of “thugs” at a train station. Footage from the station sees masked men (dress in stylish white clothes) rushing the Yuen Long transit station and beating the passengers with sticks. Suspiciously those passengers were returning from an anti-government protest. It’s not a suprise that people instantly pointed fingers at the Pro-beijing side of the Hong Kong government for sending these armed men to intimidate protestors. Chief Executive Lam(b) (the leader of the pro-beijing side and the current head of government) of course denies this which is no suprise. Which idiot would say “yes sir, I sent them me right here!”. It’s not like the protestors do not have a good reason to believe it was Pro-beijing party doing, the same thing happened back in 2014 Umbrella Movement where people from Southern China (a region hip with this kind of stuff) were hired to heckle and taunt the protestors. Also Mr. Ho Ho Ho, a pro-beijing government official who lives in Yuen Long, was seen shaking hands and giving the “thumbs up” to a group of familiar white masked men earlier that day. Mr. Ho Ho Ho tried to explain that he had nothing to do with the attack but when pressed on with “why didn’t you call the Popo??”, Ho Ho replied with such backhanded sass that he definitely had a hand (or at least a thumb) in the attack. Mr. Ho basically said “They appeared to be normal residents, just like the protesters in your eyes”. Ho Ho earned himself some office destruction later with masked protestors going ham. Also later that day when Chief Executive Lamb was ask to condemn the violence as a terrorist attack, she basically dodge the question and say she condemn the Holocaust (all acts of violence).

People: Ms. Lamb do you say this train attack was a terrorist attack?
Chief Executive Lamb: I personally think all attacks are bad. Speaking of trains, you know the Tokyo Sarin train attack? I condemn that!
People: Ma’am, we are asking you to condemn today train attack as a terrorist attack…
Chief Executive Lamb: Now now now, let’s be clear, I CONDEMN ALL ATTACKS!

The protestors for their part, tried to shield themselves, but these men went HARD with metal canes and bats. Journalists who were in the train tried to film the whole situation, but they too were savavely beaten. The attacked left 45 people injured and one in critical condition. Suprisingly, the police arrive after the masked men have left and then they left and then funnily enough the masked men arrive again for ROUND 2. The police station was nearby and many protestors decried the police for purposefully letting this incident happen. The police replied that they did indeed saw men in white earlier that day at the station, but made no move to arrest because they didn’t see any weapons.

Police: Hey YOU! Why are you masked and standing here in a posse???
Men: We ahem were send by…. ahem…. Santa Claus to ahem….. give train goers a NICE BIG PRESENT 😉
Police: Oh you mean the Santa Claus?
Police: GET ‘EM BOYS!

Yes because we all know that attackers and shooters love to showcase their weapon before the crime happens.

The protest in question occured on Sunday, where protestors defiled the emblem of People Republic of China. The protest was planned of course, but protestors decided to “fuck the previous approved route” and made a beeline towards the embassy (Beijing Representative Office) in Hong Kong.

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What are your thoughts on the recent situation in Hong Kong? Have it spiral out of control?

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